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I am looking for a bank to open an account at. I will need one that offers English language customer service. Any ideas? I am in Valletta.


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Hi. Just sow your post. Every Bank in Malta offers services in English. But I would advise you to go to BOV. Compare to HSBC they are much more humble with foreigners. The chances are higher that your account will be open. Get ready for at list 3 month. As they always take time with the paper work.

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Thanks for the advice Vella!

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My husband has just experienced setting up bank and I would also advise Bank of Valletta. 

You will need ( if working here) :

Your passport or Id card

Employment contract

Proof of address in Malta

Different staff will twll you different things so hubby went away with the list got everything together and 3 weeks later went back armed with everything, thought we were good to go to be then told that they had to write to his bank in the Uk before they could set his account up. She gaves us the impression she would phone after a week, heard nothing, went back again to be told it was going to be another three weeks. So after 6 weeks we still have no account here.

You will get a card that allows you to withdraw feom cash machines but if you want a visa card like back in the uk we have heard that there will be a charge for this.

We have also had problems getting cheques cashed at banks. My husabnd cashed his pension in, they sent a cheque and the bank wouldnt accept we had to return to uk family member and put it in bank to clear in Uk.

Make sure you arrive with plenty of euros. 

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Thanks for the great recommendation!

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