started by: Shelby-10041736 · last update: 1438774748 · posted: 1438774748

Does anyone know a place where can I fix my luggage?

started by: Nbarnes22250-385184 · last update: 1438770886 · posted: 1438770886

Hi,    Whats is the weather like in Malta in November ( the end of) I would like to visit with my family but my wife will only go if its hot.  p.s. any recommendations onhow to get there and where to stay? thanks Nick

started by: Adam. S · last update: 1438609996 · posted: 1438609996

Hello, Can somebody advise me which mobile operator is the best here in Malta? It should be good and not so expensive. Thank you.

started by: Clayton K · last update: 1438606526 · posted: 1438606526

Hi. could anyone recommend a good online shop that sells children's books.

started by: Anabelle-10040189 · last update: 1438431587 · posted: 1438431587

Hey,, Searching for a store where I can get some secondhand books. Is there anyone who can help me regarding this? Thanks guys!!

started by: Alice Jackson · last update: 1438350040 · posted: 1438350040

Hey,, Need to get some Chinese crockery. Does anyone of you has any idea where I can get it in Gozo? Thank you!

started by: Brice Gordon · last update: 1438347990 · posted: 1438347990

Can anyone recommend places to buy mobile phone cases in Valletta? Thanks  

started by: Jeffery-10040340 · last update: 1438265393 · posted: 1438265393

Suggest recycling/waste centre where you can take large items of household waste.Many thanks

started by: Preston T · last update: 1438004148 · posted: 1438004148

Does anybody have a van/small bus for rent to transport some furniture?

started by: Adam. S · last update: 1437829648 · posted: 1437829648

Any recommendations for a shop offers a variety of fabrics?

started by: Kathy F · last update: 1437748085 · posted: 1437748085

Hi eveyone. Does anyone know a job consultancy, who provides MBA jobs in Gozo or around?

started by: Gilbert H. · last update: 1437572315 · posted: 1437572315

Hi all! Is there anyone who knows where I can get unique glass candle holders in St Julians?

started by: Randall Gary · last update: 1437489035 · posted: 1437489035

Any suggestions for reasonable priced bed and breakfast in Mosta?

started by: OceanWorld · last update: 1437487705 · posted: 1437229571

hello everyone, hoping I could get a little advise or comments. i could quite possibly be moving to Malta in the very near futer. Would anyone be so kind as to tell me why it's a bad idea to do so, or why it's a really good idea. A few pros and cons, I am looking on the internet  but figured you are all living there and could be real with me. Cost of living, wage, tax!  thanks for any advice   

started by: Nick.J · last update: 1437487610 · posted: 1437480328

Does anyone know a cheap and reliable service to move some furniture from a place to another in Sliema?

started by: Brice Gordon · last update: 1437486185 · posted: 1437486185

Recommend a place to trash electrical appliances in Valletta. Thanks

started by: Gilbert H. · last update: 1437052013 · posted: 1437052013

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a nice romantic dinner location around St Julians?

started by: Edith Tanner · last update: 1436960611 · posted: 1436960611

Hello.. I am specifically looking to buy certain household items and electronics online. Any advices?

started by: Preston T · last update: 1436882232 · posted: 1436882232

My brother is coming to Gozo with his family at the end of July. Does anyone have a good recommendation of child-friendly accommodation?

started by: Kirnika · last update: 1436876261 · posted: 1436619344

Hi. Does anyone know where I could have a carpet professionally cleaned in Mosta?

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