started by: Alice Jackson · last update: 1435140196 · posted: 1434715861

I Want to gain some knowledge about vegan diet, what is the foods excludes vegan diet. I know that Milk, Dairy products, Chocolates, Milk shakes, Ice creams etc is in the list but anything like burgers and french fries. Would it exclude them?

started by: Edith Tanner · last update: 1435066001 · posted: 1435066001

Hello Does anyone know where can I either sale or donate used clothes in Gozo?

started by: Adam. S · last update: 1435055841 · posted: 1435055841

Is there anyone who can do a spray paint job?

started by: Jeffery-10040340 · last update: 1434549959 · posted: 1434549959

I'll be there next week. I would like to experience some local culture and to visit some local restaurants. Which area or place would be best?

started by: Randall Gary · last update: 1434545454 · posted: 1434545454

Let me know if there is any kind of get together or social event on this weekend? I would like to go if there is anything like this.

started by: Brice Gordon · last update: 1434464603 · posted: 1434464603

Does anyone knows a place in Valletta where i can find some good antiques.. thanks!!

started by: Kathy F · last update: 1434455598 · posted: 1434452225

Looking for boxes to move apartments. Any ideas where I could get those in Msida?

started by: Kirnika · last update: 1434448350 · posted: 1434378386

Hello I am looking for a caring and responsible nanny for a 4 years old kid. Can anyone give a reference?

started by: Preston T · last update: 1434366854 · posted: 1434032640

Hello. Could someone recommend a book store in Gozo?

started by: Nick.J · last update: 1434203180 · posted: 1434203180

Does anybody know about a courier company located in Sliema?

started by: Gilbert H. · last update: 1434201568 · posted: 1433937570

We will have some family visiting Malta and they are looking for a good and affordable hotel in Valletta to stay a couple of days. Any recommendation?

started by: Jeremy Raymond · last update: 1434199109 · posted: 1433769998

I would like to join Vocational education courses. Can someone recommend any institutes? Many thanks in advance

started by: Sadhna-10040070 · last update: 1434194590 · posted: 1434194590

Hi everyone. What company do you all use for insurance? I need insurance for my iphone against loss, theft, water damage and accidental damage.

started by: Jeffery-10040340 · last update: 1434117902 · posted: 1434117902

Hello, recommend a 3 or 4 star hotel close to a sand beach. Thanks

started by: Olivia Jamie · last update: 1434107670 · posted: 1434107670

Hiii I presently taking some Maltese lessons and will like to practice it in social settings. Does anybody know of any events, people and groups in the same situation like me? Let me know

started by: Brice Gordon · last update: 1434031857 · posted: 1434024393

Does anyone know of a cycle hire company? in VallettaSuggestions would be appreciated

started by: Brice Gordon · last update: 1434031487 · posted: 1433412639

I wanted to ask for suggestions of the best tourist attractions in Malta. My family and I will be there for 20 days.

started by: Parker-10040192 · last update: 1434017137 · posted: 1434017137

Hey! My daughter is 12 yrs old and wants to learn salsa. Can anyone here suggest a salsa dancing school in Mdina?

started by: Madelyn E · last update: 1433946443 · posted: 1433946443

I need to print some long documents and I'd like to know if you can suggest me some cheap copy shops in Victoria.

started by: Adam. S · last update: 1433945773 · posted: 1433945773

Hello everyon!I'm looking for a dry cleaner in Floriana. Can anyone recommend a good one?

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