started by: Parker-10040192 · last update: 1453210526 · posted: 1453210526

Recommend a store which sells leather supplies especially for fashion designers. Thanks in advance!

started by: Anabelle-10040189 · last update: 1452944499 · posted: 1452944499

Hey! Does anyone know a place in St. Julians for taking ceramics classes? 

started by: Shelby-10041736 · last update: 1452780890 · posted: 1452780890

Hii.. I just broked my selfie stick. Does anyone know of a place to buy new one in Mellieha?

started by: Preston T · last update: 1452686636 · posted: 1452686636

Hii.. Recommend a music shop in Victoria with cheap classical guitars. Thanks!!

started by: Kathryn Saige · last update: 1452602053 · posted: 1452602053

Hello. I want to make birthday wishes cards with name for my sister. Does anyone know any shop in Birkirkara who provides cards with name?

started by: Jeffery-10040340 · last update: 1452597451 · posted: 1452597451

Hello everyone. Does any one know of a local shop that sells bulk tissue in Naxxar?

started by: Adam. S · last update: 1452348368 · posted: 1452348368

Hello. Please recommend the best place to buy charger adapter in Gozo?

started by: Gilbert H. · last update: 1452342216 · posted: 1452342216

Hi. Someone recommend a shop where I can buy bubble plastic wraps in Birgu?

started by: Olivia Jamie · last update: 1452337473 · posted: 1452337473

Hello. My insurance has expired. Can anyone know where I need to go and update it?

started by: J Carter-10040193 · last update: 1452250636 · posted: 1452250636

Hey, I am looking for some shop that does baggage repair service. Any shop in Iklin? Thank you in advance!!!!

started by: Mark Williams-10041157 · last update: 1452173580 · posted: 1452173580

Hello. I want to buy fold-n-stow book holder. If anyone know please suggest!!!

started by: Clayton K · last update: 1452169655 · posted: 1452169655

Hello everyone. Can anyone help me to find tartaric acid in Valletta?

started by: Clement-10040092 · last update: 1452084726 · posted: 1452084726

Hi! Any idea where can I buy fresh turmeric root (not powder) in Dingli?

started by: Kathryn Saige · last update: 1451999067 · posted: 1451999067

Is there a good person who know the work of wooden components of a building, such as stairs, doors, and window frames?

started by: Parker-10040192 · last update: 1451916932 · posted: 1451916932

Hello. I am looking for radiator valve key. Anyone know where I can get this?

started by: Preston T · last update: 1451912521 · posted: 1451912521

Hi. I am looking humbrol paints in Malta. Can anyone know shop of humbrol paints?

started by: Madelyn E · last update: 1451738034 · posted: 1451738034

Hi. Can anyone know where I can buy hiking boots in Mdina?

started by: Brice Gordon · last update: 1451570832 · posted: 1451570832

Hi. I looking to buy disposable food containers in Kalkara. Does anyone recommend a shop of containers?

started by: Edith Tanner · last update: 1451568008 · posted: 1451568008

Hello! Can anyone know some voluntary work association in Mosta?

started by: Shelby-10041736 · last update: 1451398027 · posted: 1451398027

Hii everyone!! I'm here in Valletta with broken phone screen. Can anybody recommend a place to have the phone screen replaced? 

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