started by: Anabelle-10040189 · last update: 1447767836 · posted: 1447767836

Hi. Does anyone know where to recycle cans in St. Julians?

started by: Jeffery-10040340 · last update: 1447762895 · posted: 1447762895

Anyone heard of dream catcher? Suggest a shop in Mdina to buy one.

started by: Kathryn Saige · last update: 1447508676 · posted: 1447508676

Hey!! I want to buy a portable lamp for my study table at my place in Valletta that I'm sharing with my friend. Does anyone know about a place to buy portable flexible USB LED light lamp?

started by: Edith Tanner · last update: 1447336486 · posted: 1447336486

Hey,, who can help me unlock iphone 5 without losing data? Recommend someone in Valletta.

started by: Randall Gary · last update: 1446903277 · posted: 1445869302

Any recommendations of agencies to buy a property through? 

started by: Anabelle-10040189 · last update: 1446902060 · posted: 1446902060

Please help me find a good Internet service provider in St. Julians. Thanks in advance!!

started by: Kathy F · last update: 1446646587 · posted: 1446646587

Hi everyone,Just wondering if anyone knows where I can buy a hand woven cashmere scarf in Floriana?Thanks for your help

started by: Preston T · last update: 1446644839 · posted: 1446644839

Can you please recommend a good shop in Gozo to buy spice blender? The old one is too old and not working. Thanks in advance!!

started by: Nick.J · last update: 1446559434 · posted: 1446559434

I'm looking to buy bear cake mould or any other animal shaped cake moulds. Can you please suggest some stores in Mellieha?

started by: Kendra-10040339 · last update: 1446556005 · posted: 1446556005

Hello everyone!! Is there a flea market, or people selling their old things on the streets? Thanks!

started by: Brice Gordon · last update: 1446473445 · posted: 1446206663

Any recommendations would be appreciated on the budget hotel in Gzira?

started by: Sadhna-10040070 · last update: 1446470644 · posted: 1446470644

Hii! Indian festival 'Diwali' is coming. Does anyone know where should I go for Diwali shopping in and around Floriana? Happy Diwali to all!!

started by: Alvina Rogers · last update: 1446301074 · posted: 1446301074

Hi. Need some help with finding a store to buy a charcoal pencil set in Mosta?

started by: Clayton K · last update: 1446297623 · posted: 1446297623

Hi. Anyone know where I can go to repair clock? Someone help me for repairing 1930's mantel clock in Malta.

started by: Mark Williams-10041157 · last update: 1446199145 · posted: 1446199145

Any suggestions for a place in Valletta to buy electronic luggage scale? Many thanks!!

started by: Jeremy Raymond · last update: 1446126460 · posted: 1446126460

What is a good place in Gozo to get women's feather coat? I would like to buy for my mother. Thanks!!

started by: Kirnika · last update: 1446123975 · posted: 1446123975

Hey everyone,, in Sliema is there anything like ear candles? I am not able to find it after searching it at various store. Kindly suggest something.

started by: Kathy F · last update: 1446039442 · posted: 1444918675

Can anyone recommend a removal company that could help me shift from my current residence in Floriana?

started by: Kathryn Saige · last update: 1445953681 · posted: 1445953681

Hey all!! I would like to know about popular fish market near Mdina.

started by: Adam. S · last update: 1445949856 · posted: 1445949856

Anyone know where I can find a costume store in or around Valletta? Looking to buy Halloween constume

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