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Can someone recommend a good place for a full body massage in Victoria?

started by: Mark Williams-10041157 · last update: 1443882496 · posted: 1443882496

Recommend a good beginner's Pilates class in Valletta. Thanks!!!

started by: Jeffery-10040340 · last update: 1443530987 · posted: 1443530987

Can anyone recommend me a good dietician who can help me lose weight?

started by: Edith Tanner · last update: 1443101327 · posted: 1441374387

I was looking for some contemporary dance classes in Gozo,but couldn't find much. Can somebody recommend a nice dance studio?

started by: Parker-10040192 · last update: 1442931697 · posted: 1442931697

I'm looking for the best park for running in Gozo. Any opinions?

started by: Jeffery-10040340 · last update: 1442927542 · posted: 1433854068

Can anyone recommend a good place to take yoga lessons in Floriana? Many thanks!

started by: Clement-10040092 · last update: 1442844144 · posted: 1442844144

Can anyone recommend a good dermatology clinic in St Julians? I need to get a check up of skin rash.

started by: Jeremy Raymond · last update: 1442670908 · posted: 1442670908

Dear all, can anyone recommend me a good massage therapist?

started by: Nick.J · last update: 1442585739 · posted: 1442585739

Hello.. Recommend me a gym with a nice course of aerial acrobatics, in or near Mellieha.

started by: Kirnika · last update: 1442493751 · posted: 1442493751

Hello!! I'm looking for someone who does eyebrow threading and waxing at home in and around Sliema. Any suggestions??

started by: Kendra-10040339 · last update: 1442492427 · posted: 1439302605

Any recommendation for a nice spa which is reachable by public transportation?

started by: Alice Jackson · last update: 1442411151 · posted: 1441803315

Hey everybody.. any one knows a nice Jewelry store with good prices near Victoria?? Thanx for suggestions!!

started by: Sammy-10040071 · last update: 1442327039 · posted: 1442327039

Hello.. I am looking for an obstetrician around Mellieha. Can anyone suggest me one. Thanks in advance!!!

started by: Kendra-10040339 · last update: 1442324808 · posted: 1442324808

Suggest a shop to buy accessories for fitness and yoga mat, in the area of Mdina.

started by: Randall Gary · last update: 1441635588 · posted: 1441635588

Hello.. Need your suggestions for any sports physiotherapist in Mosta. Thanx for suggestions!!

started by: Kathryn Saige · last update: 1441196563 · posted: 1441196563

Hii!! Can anyone recommend an excellent hair colorist basically in Valletta?

started by: Alice Jackson · last update: 1440597295 · posted: 1440597295

Hello! Anybody can recommend me beauty salon in Valletta where they make eyelashes extension??

started by: Gilbert H. · last update: 1440165972 · posted: 1440165972

Hello everyone! I'm looking for a Hydrotherapy centre in Gozo. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

started by: Madelyn E · last update: 1439562591 · posted: 1439562591

Recommend best places to buy children's clothing online.   

started by: Shelby-10041736 · last update: 1439469256 · posted: 1439469256

Anyone know of a good dermatologist near Valletta? Recommendations would be appreciated

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