started by: Kathy F · last update: 1443880893 · posted: 1443880893

Hi.. Can anyone recommend some not too expensive painting company? We need to paint our new apartment in Floriana

started by: Sammy-10040071 · last update: 1443707873 · posted: 1443707873

hey!!!.. I want to change my old fashioned wood bed frame. It would be great if you suggest a place to buy a good metal bed frame in Birgu.

started by: Adam. S · last update: 1443277671 · posted: 1443277671

I'd like to decorate the interior of my home without paying an interior decorator. Can I get some home decorating Ideas/home decorating tips?

started by: Preston T · last update: 1443273030 · posted: 1441895658

I'm looking for a house for one year, any suggestions?

started by: Preston T · last update: 1443189681 · posted: 1443189681

Hii!! Let me know if it is possible to rent house for 2-3 months in San Gwan. Thanks!!

started by: Shelby-10041736 · last update: 1443102130 · posted: 1443102130

Hi all! Can someone recommend me a place where they sell flower seeds? In the area of St. Julians. Thank you

started by: Kathy F · last update: 1442671051 · posted: 1438437144

Hi, Is there any windows cleaning company in Msida?

started by: Clayton K · last update: 1441715846 · posted: 1440162468

Hii! Does anyone know a good furniture fabric store in Valletta? Thanks in advance

started by: Anabelle-10040189 · last update: 1441453535 · posted: 1437659548

Need a two bedroom furnished apartment on urgent basis in Valletta..pls help..!!

started by: Kathy F · last update: 1441370566 · posted: 1441370566

Does anyone know someone in Sliema who can help fix my floor? 

started by: Olivia Jamie · last update: 1440765846 · posted: 1440765846

Hi I need to find someone who can fix dishwasher. Does anyone know of someone in Victoria? Many thanks

started by: Anabelle-10040189 · last update: 1440680750 · posted: 1440680750

Can anyone recommend a good house painter here in Valletta for outdoor house painting. 

started by: Madelyn E · last update: 1440425798 · posted: 1440425798

Interested in useful tips and advices regarding bathroom renovation. Thanks in advance.

started by: Brice Gordon · last update: 1440421158 · posted: 1440421158

Hi!Do you know someone interested in painting the internal wall of my house in Mellieha? Thanks!

started by: Nick.J · last update: 1440253560 · posted: 1440253560

Any ideas where I could buy cheap bed linen and towels in Sliema?

started by: Kendra-10040339 · last update: 1440064632 · posted: 1440064632

Looking for a fully-furnished independent room for 3 months. Any suggestions?

started by: Adam. S · last update: 1439472859 · posted: 1439472859

Hii everyone! Suggest trustful agency which can help with finding house or studio in St Julians.

started by: Anabelle-10040189 · last update: 1439209283 · posted: 1439209283

My friend is coming next month to do a one month internship. Does anyone know of any available housing around Valletta?

started by: Edward Jin · last update: 1438948188 · posted: 1438948188

Do you know any painter, who paint the internal wall of house? Thanks!

started by: Edward Jin · last update: 1438176155 · posted: 1438176155

Does anyone know of a good person in Valletta who could fix our leaking dishwasher?

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