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wonder if any one can help me - my dog failed his rabies titre test 1st time it was very low at 0.07 he has had the vaccine again and is due to be tested a second time im really worried he wont pass can anyone help or advise please .Im going to Malta then on to Turkey 

started by: Anabelle-10040189 · last update: 1456491132 · posted: 1456491132

Any recommendations for pet sitter for cats? We have two little cats needed someone to take care of them sincerely. Recommendations would be appreciated.

started by: Jeremy Raymond · last update: 1456236398 · posted: 1456236398

Where can I buy a bedding for pet in Mosta? Suggest please.

started by: Kendra-10040339 · last update: 1454676779 · posted: 1454676779

Hi all! Does anyone know of a place to buy food and accessories for dog? I'm new in Siggiewi.

started by: Jeremy Raymond · last update: 1451051629 · posted: 1451051629

Hello!! Here I'm in Gozo, looking to buy a cute fish for my fish tank. Any recommendation for shops??

started by: Edward Jin · last update: 1443622224 · posted: 1443622224

I'm looking for a good dog training school in Valletta that offers classes also during weekends. Recommendations would be appreciated.

started by: Kathy F · last update: 1440423848 · posted: 1440423848

Could anyone suggest me a good insurance for pets to cover any veterinary charges?

started by: Kathryn Saige · last update: 1439559496 · posted: 1439559496

Hello! Can somebody tell me if there is animal shelter in Msida? Thanks

started by: Parker-10040192 · last update: 1439383508 · posted: 1439383508

Can somebody suggest a good dog training school in Mdina?

started by: Olivia Jamie · last update: 1438434339 · posted: 1438434339

Hi guys.. I have recently adopted a puppy and he is too cute but as he is growing i think i should get a bed for him. It'll be nice guys if you will suggest me something about any such place where i can find it. Thanks!!

started by: Anabelle-10040189 · last update: 1436786733 · posted: 1436786733

I want to adopt a kitten in St. Julians. Can anyone suggest me from where I could adopt one. Thank you!!

started by: Nick.J · last update: 1434722444 · posted: 1434722444

I am looking to buy a dog, as it’s a first time that I am adding new pet in our family so I little confuse about the dog breeds which is good as home pet. Any suggestions?

started by: Clement-10040092 · last update: 1434115181 · posted: 1434115181

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good dog trainer in Valletta?

started by: Jeffery-10040340 · last update: 1433336949 · posted: 1433336949

I need to socialize my newly adopted puppy..how do I do that?

started by: Parker-10040192 · last update: 1433324070 · posted: 1433245875

Does anyone know a good pet groomer (for dog) in the area of Mdina?

started by: Year out · last update: 1431961866 · posted: 1431009319

Can anyone recommend a reliable dog sitter in Valletta for August please? I need someone for 2 weeks and I am getting pretty worried about it!

started by: Suzie K-994407 · last update: 1429109439 · posted: 1428949149

Such bad news about the wild bird hunting ban being rejected. I can't believe so many migratory birds are going to get shot dead before they get a chance to breed. I'm so disappinted...

started by: Suzie K-994407 · last update: 1427891318 · posted: 1427208817

Can anyone tell me if it is the law to have your cat or dog microchipped here in Malta please?

started by: Admin-992690 · last update: 1427130088 · posted: 1426697170

Please help to find my friend dog Mia a Dachshund, dappled-black-brown-grey, skinny and shy. She was seen in the area of Hamrun / Marsa Waterfront this afternoon. Reward 200 Eur! Please call or message on 99001533 or between 7-10 tonight on 99495223 while she on a plane flying back to Malta. She is currently abroad, left her with friends and she ran away yesterday afternoon in Gwardaman?a. Any help is being appreciated.

started by: Yachty gal · last update: 1426177828 · posted: 1425502800

I have been here over a month now and the specialist websites say after this amount of time my cat should have acclimatised to her new environment. I am therefore considering letting her out in the garden to explore but first I wanted to know if there are any dangers here in Malta I should be aware of for cats?

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