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I'm planning a large party in December (around 70 people) and would like to have it in one of the parks in Melbourne (maybe Fitzroy Gardens or Alexandria Gardens). Do I need to notify the council and are there any restrictions with BBQs, alcohol and setting up a marquee?

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Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential documentary. At the moment it is just in the research phase so I'm just looking to talk to some people and find out more about the reasons they might move.  Thanks and all the best,  Ellie Gibbs ellie.gibbs@libertybell.tv    020 7598 7209

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I'm keen to find out if the main event on Sunday is child freindly? My friends went last year and said that there were quite a lot of "party goers" there so not sure if it's something I can take my five year old to?

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Are there any Christmas markets in Melbourne coming up? Specifically German ones. Thanks, Penny

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Hello my friends and I are looking for an Oktoberfest party to go to in Melbourne, can anyone please suggest us?

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Need a recommendation for a good Mexican restaurant in Melbourne, any suggestions welcome

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Any suggestions for venues? We're a small office and most staff members are over 30 so want something fairly relaxed. thanks in advance

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I've left this way too late but need to get a Halloween costume for tomorrow! Does anyone know of any good fancy dress shops in Melbourne CBD? Cheers

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Looking for a bar to host a large function in Melbourne CBD - any suggestions?

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I need to organise a social function for my colleagues at work and have been specifically told that it can't be a bar crawl! Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

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I'm learning French and would like to know if there are any cinemas in Melbourne which show French films. Thanks in advance  

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Is there anywhere in Melbourne that's showing this?

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Are there any dedicated sports bars in Melbourne (as in bars which specialise in sports as opposed to bars which just show AFL!)

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Looking for hens party ideas in Melbourne or surrounds - any suggestions?  

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I need ideas for my son's 4th birthday party, preferably not at home but somewhere which isn't going to break the bank. Any ideas appreciated!

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