Christmas Party ideas

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Any suggestions for venues? We're a small office and most staff members are over 30 so want something fairly relaxed. thanks in advance


PeninsulaPassion 1379004652

We're similar to you, small office with an older crowd. We went to Sugar Reef in St Kilda last year and it was great. As it's on Fitzroy Street a few people kicked on afterwards as there's plenty of bars aroun there.

Nicko82-888719 1379069340

We went to the Tea House on Burke in Camberwell for dinner, there was around 30 of us. It was great, a good atmosphere and goo food

MsMelbournel 1379092030

You should book something in now, places get really booked up in December. What's your budget?

bag14 1379346891

Yep - hoping to book soon! Budget is approx $100 per head.

MsMelbournel 1379349571

A few places that fit into that price range:

Red Spice Road

The Emerald Peacock

Teppanyaki Inn 

The Atlantic

bag14 1379351221

Great - thanks everyone!

atulmittal0109 1387052431

You can easily find a bar or a party place in your area. I would rather prefer a party at my own place. You can do the same if your office is big enough. I am going to celebrate this Christmas party with my children and family. You can visit my blog for more Christmas party ideas.

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