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Does anyone know where I can buy nice quality baby and childrens clothes in Melbourne? My little one is growing so fast and new clothes are too expensive here!

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Hi there, Hoping for some advice. We are currently already in France staying at a friends house. Since we are not having a formal lease agreement with our friends, we were told by the 'marie' that our kids can not go to school. Can anyone tell me the required administration necessary for children to access french schools. The kids have EU citizenship.  thanks!Veronique

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I'm strating to plan our wedding for late next year and think I need a wedding planner! I'm Indian and would like a traditional Indian ceremony here, if that's possible. Can anyone recommend an Inidan wedding planner, or has any experience going to an Indian wedding here in Melbourne?.

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Where is the best place to check out Santa with the kids in Melbourne?

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One of my girlfriends is moving here next year and wants to employ a part time nanny or au pair to take care of her two young children. I said I would help her with some research, has any one had a experience with nannies or au pairs in Melbourne Or can recommend a good agency? 

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We're moving to Melbourne in a few months and need to place our two kids ( 6 and 9) into a school, preferably one which offers the IB program. My husband's comoany have offered us very little support with finding a school, so can anyone give me some advice/recommendations? Thanks, SP

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Does anyone know of any mothers groups in Elwood, or would be keen to start one? I have an 8 month old and would love to meet other mums in the area. Olivia

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Hi I'm looking for some free activities in and around Melbourne that I can take my kids to.

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Hi all, Anybody know off, George and Rita Lynn.( Rita nee Wilson ). Originally from Houghton Le Spring, North East England. Last known address, Fern Tree Gully Melbourne. They had 3 sons. Any info would be helpfull. Email Pete at petewilson_547@hotmail.com Phone, 0033298275917

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Hi everyone, I'm getting married in Melbourne in November next year and will be inviting some freinds and family over for the wedding. I would like to plan some activities for everyone while they are here, preferably some typical Melbourne experiences. Also some suggestions for a reception venue would be great! Thanks in advance, Lulu

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I'm looking to get a partner visa for my girlfirend, she's from Spain and we've been together 9 months. I've got residency here, can she get a de facto visa from me? ANd do we haev to use and agent?

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I'm wondering if any fellow parents can help. I've been enquiring about babysitting services and it all seems to be so expensive! One girl quoted me $30 per hour plus her travel expenses (I don't know where she lives in relation to me but I'm certainly not paying a $50 cab fare!). If this is the going rate then I guess I'll be staying in but just wanted to hear other people's experiences...

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Wondering if anyone can help. I'm on a Partner (Temporary) visa and the two years is almost up, so I'm due for my Permanent Residency application to come through. I havent heard anything from the Department yet, is there something I need to do or wil they contact me? Any info much appreciated

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I'm stuck for things to do with my kids now that the holidays are coming to a close, I feel like we've done everything! Any good ideas of fun activites that aren't too expensive?

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Where can I find a list of schools in Melbourne which offer the IB program?

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A friend is being given the option of a job transfer here from the US. She has two kids, one has autism. Are special-needs children accommodated into standard classes here or are there special programs that schools have to offer? I don't have kids so don't really know where to start with checking this for her. Any leads appreciated.

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