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I'm wondering if any fellow parents can help. I've been enquiring about babysitting services and it all seems to be so expensive! One girl quoted me $30 per hour plus her travel expenses (I don't know where she lives in relation to me but I'm certainly not paying a $50 cab fare!). If this is the going rate then I guess I'll be staying in but just wanted to hear other people's experiences...


Claire-888716 1370014254

Hi there, we have a some babysitting services listed in our business directory:

I checked a few of them and the rate is usually around $20 (sometimes there is a slightly higher rate after midnight).

Hope that helps!

Jo&Steve 1370266446

@Lulu - that is ridiculous! I've never heard anyone charge that much, and plus travel expenses! I pay my babysitter $16 ph cash, she's 17 and really good with my kids - I would be more than happy to pass on her details to you.

Lulu-907249 1370274373

Thank you so much to you both - you have saved me a some money! Claire I will check out a few from your business directory, and @Jo&Steve I will message you for the name of your sitter too.

Thank you again!

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