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We're moving to Melbourne in a few months and need to place our two kids ( 6 and 9) into a school, preferably one which offers the IB program. My husband's comoany have offered us very little support with finding a school, so can anyone give me some advice/recommendations? Thanks, SP


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My two kids are at Ivanhoe Grammar school, it's co-ed and offers both the International Baccalaureat and VCE programs. In terms of other schools in Melbourne which offers the IB I know people who have kids at both Geelong Grammar and Wesley.

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You can find a list of schools in Melbourne here:

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When we moved over from the US we found the education system in Australia so different to back home! I found this website and also the Department of Education website to be really usefull resources. We ended up sending our son to Brighton Grammar school as it's close by and has a good reputation

Carolina-951259 1395751588

So glad to see this topic! We just arrived also for 4 year work contract and needing a school for my 5 year old daughter. She doesn't speak English as well so I think maybe a bilingual Spanish/English school if this exists here? 

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Hi Carolina - there is a bilingual school called Kimmba Bilingual Learning listed in our directory ( They offer three languages; Mandarin, Spanish and German for children aged 0-12 years.


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Thank you I will look at this one for sure!

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I am amazed at how much private education costs in Australia! After doing some research I'm shocked at the price. Can I put my kids in public school here?

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It's best to check with the school directly - you may have to pay some fees. Here is a list of the top public (state) schools in Victoria:

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