Child w/Autism, schools?

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A friend is being given the option of a job transfer here from the US. She has two kids, one has autism. Are special-needs children accommodated into standard classes here or are there special programs that schools have to offer? I don't have kids so don't really know where to start with checking this for her. Any leads appreciated.


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Autism Victoria has a lot of info: and aslo Autism Partnership
Not 100% sure about the school situation and if the kid can go into a standard school, maybe call one of the above and ask?

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Hi there. According to Amaze (the website for Autism Victoria) students with Autism Spectrum Disorder can either attend their local State School or an autism specific school depending on their level of cognitive functioning, communication skills and behaviour. Families with autistic children may also be eligable for government funding. This factsheet has more information for you:

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions.


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