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Does anyone know of any mothers groups in Elwood, or would be keen to start one? I have an 8 month old and would love to meet other mums in the area. Olivia


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Hi Olivia, you might like to check out the Playgroups section of our business directory;

There is a company listed there called Natural Parenting which organises a number of playgroups around Melbourne. There is also a website call Bub Hub which might be a useful resource for you.



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There is also a website called Meetup which has a selection of social groups for Mums:

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Thanks so much Claire, I will definitely check those out.

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Hi Olivia, I have a friend who is moving to Elwood with her husband and baby and woul like to fin soem mothers groups -  did you find any good ones?


Olivia-907246 1375184030

Hi Em,  Yes I ended up joining a couple of the groups on, some of them are local an seem to have a lot of members!


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I am currently 5 months pregnant and live in Elwood also.  I am also looking for a mothers group to join or start.  So if there are any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it :-)




Claire-888716 1386863334

Hi Nicci,

First of all congratulations!

The website Meetup is a great social resource for people living in Melbourne and they have a lot of groups for mums and mums-to-be like yourself. Here is the link:


Sabbyp 1386868711

Thanks Claire :-)

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