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One of my girlfriends is moving here next year and wants to employ a part time nanny or au pair to take care of her two young children. I said I would help her with some research, has any one had a experience with nannies or au pairs in Melbourne Or can recommend a good agency? 


Jo&Steve 1379437863

We got an Au Pair through an agency called JCR Au Pairs, they found us a French girl as we wanted our kids to learn another language. She was great and the agency was really helpful. 

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We have a list of companies which offer nanny and au pair services in Melbourne in our business directory:


MsMelbournel 1379765171

We've had a few nannies, mostly great but a few not so good. We used ProAuPair Australia who were good but expensive (around $500 per week for a live in au pair). We then placed an ad on Gumtree which was a waste of time, we interviewed a handful of women who were not really qualified to look after children at all. So I guess stick to the agencies.

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I can recommend Rock My Baby who can provide nannies and babysitters. We often get last minute babysitters from them to watch our kids and they've always been great.

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I've just had a great experience with an agency called Dial an Angel. The nanny they sent to look after my little ones after school for a few weeks was wonderful.

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