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I'm looking to get a partner visa for my girlfirend, she's from Spain and we've been together 9 months. I've got residency here, can she get a de facto visa from me? ANd do we haev to use and agent?


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I think you have to have been living together for a year before you can apply for a defacto. You don't have to use an agent but you just need to make sure you fill out all the application forms properly and give them all the information they need or else the process will be long 

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I would recommend visiting the Department of Immigration and Citizenship's website or giving them a call on 131 881 for information about Australian visas. The rules around different types of visa change frequently so it is better to get your information from them directly. You can also speak to an immigration lawyer although do bear in mind that this will incurr additional costs.

Good luck!

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Thank you

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WelshLad - did you find out the go with this? I'm in a similar situation, I looked on the Department website and it's actually quite confusing. Any info would be appreciated.

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Hi mate. I called them in the end cos i was confused too! So you have to have been living together for a year before you can apply for the Partner visa (subclass 820) and you have to be able to prove that - me and my girlfriend have been renting a place together in Melbourne so will provide a copy of our tenancy agreement which has both our names on it. We've already downloaded the forms off the Department of Immigration website (we both need to fill out separate forms) and you also need other supporting documentation such a cetificates of non criminal conviction, certified copies of your identification and evidence that your relationship is genuine e.g. photos of you together, evidence of shared financial responibilities like joint bank accounts. There is a checklist which you can print off from the website to ensure that you have provided everything they require. You also have to pay the visa fee - and this bit really stings - which is $3,975. Your partner will need to have a medical examination as well which costs around $400. So all up it's a pretty expenisve process! Let me know if you have any more questions mate, we're about to lodge the forms now so I can let you know how it goes.

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Thanks for that mate - really appreciate it. Can't believe the cost for the visa! Just another question - do you know what happens after you lodge the form in terms of my partner being able to stay here? She's on a working holiday visa which will expire in August, will she have to leave the country while the application is in process?

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Nope - once you lodge the visa application form, the department will notify you that they have received it and she will be put on a Bridging Visa which allows her to stay in the cournty while they make a decision on the Partner Visa. Only issue with being on a bridging visa is that she isn't supposed to leave Australia (unless if's for a very serious reason like a family member is ill for example).

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