Partner Visa Application

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Wondering if anyone can help. I'm on a Partner (Temporary) visa and the two years is almost up, so I'm due for my Permanent Residency application to come through. I havent heard anything from the Department yet, is there something I need to do or wil they contact me? Any info much appreciated


Claire-888716 1360170050

The best place to find out up to date information on Australian visas is the Department of Immigration & Citizenship, either on their website or you can call them on 131 881

Em1985 1360246015

They should write to you once the two year temporary residency is almost up. If you havent heard from them then you should call

TheJones 1360584001

I recieved a letter from them with application forms for PR about 6 weeks before my temporary visa was due to expire. I would call them as soon as possible

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