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Hi everyone, I'm getting married in Melbourne in November next year and will be inviting some freinds and family over for the wedding. I would like to plan some activities for everyone while they are here, preferably some typical Melbourne experiences. Also some suggestions for a reception venue would be great! Thanks in advance, Lulu


KiwiGirl42 1373991723

My friend had her wedding in Melbourne last year, she's from the UK so wanted to do a similar thing to you. They took everyone on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant the night before the wedding and then did a Yarra river cruise for the wedding reception, it was so beautiful.

Lulu-907249 1374057812

Two great ideas - thank you!

Pippa123 1374246902

The Yarra Valley has some great wedding venues and it's a really beautiful setting. Plus it's not too far from Melbourne city. My sister had her wedding at The Sebel Heritage and it was a lovely day.

Claire-888716 1374492372

Hi Lulu,

The below are links to our Event & Conference Venues and Party & Wedding Planners pages - they might give you some inspiration!


Lulu-907249 1374767817

So much inspiration! Thank you :)

@pippa123 I have considered the Yarra Valley as a wedding venue as it's very beautiful. What month did your sister have her wedding?

Pippa123 1374835394

It was in January last year, she wanted it to be in February but the venue was fully booked...

Jo&Steve 1375188300

You could book in to a walking tour of Melbourne for your guests and then end up at a nice bar afterwards - preferably somewhere with great views of the city like the Lui bar at the top of the Rialto tower!

Lulu-907249 1375442224

Oh I love that idea!

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