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I've been renting an apartment in Melbourne and the tenancy agreement is due to end in August. However I need to move out now so want to break the lease early, does anyone know if a) this is possible and b) how much it would cost to do this?

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I know they're probably all much of a muchness but does anyone have advice on the best bank in Australia? I'm just looking for the standard current account and credit card.

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I'm a temporary resident here in Australia, am I able to get a mortgage?

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Hi,   Please can you give me any advice on visas (best one - work to do to get 2nd year), work (thinking of working as soon as I get there for a bit of money). I don't really have a time limit, but am thinking a year or two.   I understand I need a tax file number which we get out there, do I need an Australian bank account or anything else as well? - any recommendations?! Whilst working we'd be looking for a flat/apartment (don't mind sharing with others), is there a good website to find others to do this?   Thanks

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I'm self employed and i'm a bit confused about the PAYG tax system here. Where can I find information on paying tax in Australia?

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Looking to buy a property here and need some advice from a relaible mortgage advisor. Any suggestions?

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I've heard that paying income tax here in Australia is different to Europe and that I will have to fill in a tax return. Does someone have more information on this process?

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Can anyone recommend a company which transfers money overseas? I need to transfer a large amount back to the UK and the bank's rate is so bad.

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My parents have just retired here and have asked me to help them organise their Wills. I dont really know where to start, does anyone know anything about inheritance law here or where I can go to seek advice? I don't really want to be paying huge amounts of legal fees!

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Howdie. I'm starting my own business in Melbourne and need some advice on where to find a good accountant and lawyer. I'm from the US and don't know a huge amount about the system here for establishing a business, so ideally I need someone who has experience dealing with expats. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks  

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Does anyone know if it's possible for non-permanent residents to get a bank loan in Oz?

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