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EFS Asset Management is currently seeking entrepreneurially minded individuals to train and to assist in their development in the world of Financial Coaching. This opportunity exists for individuals who are charismatic, highly focused and highly energised. This is a business opportunity and the compensations are results based. If you are interested in finding out more please send an e-mail enclosing a CV, whereupon full details including an outline of the 'modus operandi' for the role of an EFS Financial Coach/Planner will be provided. An outgoing personality ( no previous financial services experience as such is needed ).Attributes needed:1) Enjoying meeting new people and providing information as regards saving for children's college costs plus their own retirement security, & with capital gains planning, & general estate planning.2) Education:Many successful Investment Financial/Money Coaches possess at least a bachelor's degree.3) Skills Needed:Although some might consider this opportunity because they are strong in mathematics or have a knack for the markets, the most important attribute is having a 'counselling/coaching' ability. The first order of business as a Coach is to be able to locate potential clients.To be gregarious, a natural 'people person' and an insatiable networker: all this is necessary.  Being ‘good' with people is the single most important skill for basically anyone under the broad umbrella of financial coaching.4) Income:The average annual income for someone engaged in part-time coaching is circa $40,000. But depending on effort and performance, the income could be higher.5) Work/Life Balance: It will be necessary to allow for some long hours if working full time. But on a part-time basis the hours can be ‘worked around’ other activities without difficulty. During the first few months there can be a lot of time spent on client acquisition. To persevere through the 'hard work' in the 'early' months will enable a substantial ‘book' of clients to be ‘built up’.6)  Qualifications:A high level of literacy and numeracy are pre-requisites. To have an outgoing personality capable of providing a strong focus on the job in hand. A persuasive personality. Having a smart appearance7)  Responsibilities:Locate prospective clients using networking, plus social media activity and direct contact.Engage prospective clients in a discursive meeting to spotlight the areas of need/want regards future aspirations. Eg. Save/invest for retirement. Save/invest to help children complete the best possible education. Based on the information provided by a prospective client the EFS Asset Management ‘back-office will present a tailored recommendation/proposal for the Coach to present for a prospective clients' consideration and action. Finally to assist the client in completing the application process for any chosen plan of investment action.Full details available by e-mailing:


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