Moving to Australia for a year

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Hi,   Please can you give me any advice on visas (best one - work to do to get 2nd year), work (thinking of working as soon as I get there for a bit of money). I don't really have a time limit, but am thinking a year or two.   I understand I need a tax file number which we get out there, do I need an Australian bank account or anything else as well? - any recommendations?! Whilst working we'd be looking for a flat/apartment (don't mind sharing with others), is there a good website to find others to do this?   Thanks


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Hi Kate,

The best place to look for visas is the Department of Immigration website ( - they have a section called 'Find a visa' which can assist you.

Yes you will need a Tax File Number (TFN) in order to work - this can be applied for online via the Australian Taxation Office website:

In terms of accommoddation here are a few websites which will help you with your search:

Best of luck!


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