started by: WelshLad12 · last update: 1619273583 · posted: 1410267632

Just a query - how important is it to get private health insurance in Australia? I've got a Medicare card and I'm late 20s with no major health problems. Is private health a necessery expense?

started by: Jonny-951261 · last update: 1613054364 · posted: 1428512845

Myself and my wife are seriously thinking about moving to Melbourne next year. We both live in the UK and our famelies/entire lives are here but we both feel the need for a change and have heard great things about Melbourne. It could just be a temporary move, maybe a few years, or it could be more long term if it works out. I would really like to hear from some expats who have made the move themselves and who are currently living and working in Melbourne. What is it like to be an expat there? Are there plenty of job opportunities? What problems, if any, have you come across since moving there? Thank you in advance.

started by: Stephie12 · last update: 1613054289 · posted: 1421153930

I want to send a gift to a colleague who is really ill. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive gift idea?

started by: Carolina-951259 · last update: 1438085010 · posted: 1427375883

We want to go on a family holiday this July, somewhere warm that's not too far away (max five hours by place as we have small children!). If anyone has any suggestions for somewhere that is child freindly please to let me know :)

started by: Em1985 · last update: 1436878095 · posted: 1434120433

I've been living in Australia for two years now and love it. However my Working Holiday visa is about to expire. I have a job which I really like and I think they're happy with me, I could maybe ask for Sponsorship. I'm also in a relationship with an Australian guy so might be able to look at a De Facto visa. Has anyone else beenin a similar situation and has some advice. I don't want to leave Melbourne!  

started by: Nicko82-888719 · last update: 1436350196 · posted: 1435072280

Unfortunantely my working holiday visa is nearly finished and I'm now making arranging arrangements to leave Australia. I have some superannuation that I want to get back - does anyone know how I claim this?

started by: Dave11 · last update: 1427977743 · posted: 1427970333

Are restaurants and bars in Melbourne going to be open on Good Friday? Cheers

started by: Melbournemagic · last update: 1422519822 · posted: 1422363810

Hi all - I need to get some t shirts printed for a promotional event. I'll only need about 15 done but I need them fairly quickly and don't have a massive budget. If anyone has any recommendations that would be great. Cheers

started by: Penny&Phil · last update: 1418983831 · posted: 1418983293

Will the trams and buses be running in Melbourne on Christmas Day? Penny

started by: Penny&Phil · last update: 1418295340 · posted: 1417624019

Can anyone help me to find ready made mincemeat for mince pies here? I suppose I should not be so lazy and make it myself but it's just so much easier when it's already made! Thank you

started by: model_genie · last update: 1418050462 · posted: 1416572451

Hi...so I'm new to Australia jjst got here over a week ago and want to meet new people and hostels to stay, I'm staying in st kilda east right now with someone I know. But it's hard cause they are a Australian resident. Can anyone advise how I meet new people and dips there are any safe and decent jostles near st kilda east beach at all.  Thank   leonie 

started by: fergie-802430 · last update: 1417106099 · posted: 1417053920

Hello  some 30+ years ago friends of mine from Stratton St Margaret nr Swindon in the UK emigrated to Australia with their kids. They went first to Dandinong. l got divotced and lost touch with them. Does anybody know the family?    l will be very very graeful if anyone has any information. Thanks in advance   Rod Francis Normandy France

started by: Em1985 · last update: 1416572597 · posted: 1362657202

I've been here for a while and have a good friendship group but I'm always keen to meet new people, especially expats! Does anyone know of any good ways to meet other expats in Melbourne? Em

started by: Claire-888716 · last update: 1415889581 · posted: 1415877316

Hi everyone! Let's use this thread to suggest Meetup ideas - things which we would like to do or restaurants that we want to eat at. Then Ruth and I can post the events on Meetup.com. I think a curry is on the cards soon; let's make it a regular event! Thanks, Claire 

started by: Olivia-907246 · last update: 1415629130 · posted: 1379351471

i've just found out i'm gluten intolerant (so upset as I love pasta) so need to find somewhere that sells wheat and gluten free products. Any recommendations?

started by: bag14 · last update: 1414599700 · posted: 1414506733

I need to buy a whole pumpkin for a Halloween party this Friday but I can't find one anywhere! Any suggestions?

started by: Claire-888716 · last update: 1412591802 · posted: 1412591802

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started by: Jonny-951261 · last update: 1412209044 · posted: 1395918474

Can anyone recommend a campervan or caravan hire company in Melbourne?

started by: Carolina-951259 · last update: 1412084047 · posted: 1412083669

I would like to meet some fellow expats in Melbourne, are there any clubs or associations specifically for the expatriate population?

started by: Carolina-951259 · last update: 1407944228 · posted: 1407251470

I'm looking to rent an apartment/room in Melbourne for two weeks in the middle of October, does anyone have anything available or can tell me where to find a place?

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