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We want to go on a family holiday this July, somewhere warm that's not too far away (max five hours by place as we have small children!). If anyone has any suggestions for somewhere that is child freindly please to let me know :)


MovingtoOz 1427711847

Cairns would be a good option for you as it's not far by plane, it's always warm and there are plenty of things for kids to do.

Lollipop86 1427714626

Agree with Cairns, also Darwin is a great place to visit. The dry season starts from April and lasts until September - so July is a good time to go. You can get good flight deals with Jetstar if you book in advance, and there are some great tours to Litchfield and Kakadu national parks which are definitely worth doing.

FrenchFries-907248 1427728356

New Caledonia! It's just 4 and half hours from Melbourne and it's beautiful

TheJones 1427801303

I suppose it depends on your budget as travelling within Australia gets very expensive when you include accommodation, eating out, activities etc. Bali is not too far from Melbourne, has good weather and is cheap once you get there. We had a family holiday there a few years ago and it was lovely.

Carolina-951259 1427885526

Yes I agree that to travel here in Australia is expensive, we looked at going to Hamilton Island and I was shocked for the price! Bali is a good suggestion. Thank you to all for the tips!

KiwiGirl42 1437057879

We just got back from Byron Bay which was incredible and not too pricey (probably because it's not peak season, but it was still sunny and quite warm most days) We flew up with Jetstar which was $250 return and then stayed in an apartment hotel right in the centre of Byron. Highly recommended!

Melbournemagic 1438085010

You can currently get flights to the Sunshine Coast for $250 return with Jetstar - it's 25 degrees every day up there!

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