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Myself and my wife are seriously thinking about moving to Melbourne next year. We both live in the UK and our famelies/entire lives are here but we both feel the need for a change and have heard great things about Melbourne. It could just be a temporary move, maybe a few years, or it could be more long term if it works out. I would really like to hear from some expats who have made the move themselves and who are currently living and working in Melbourne. What is it like to be an expat there? Are there plenty of job opportunities? What problems, if any, have you come across since moving there? Thank you in advance.


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I think Melbourne is a great choice for anyone wanting to leave the UK and experience expat life. Being an expat in Australia has been a very positive experience for me so far and I'm now fully immersed in Aussie life & culture. The main downside in my opinion is the distance from the UK; it becomes expensive and arduous to travel home and you do lose touch with people because of it. Everything else is great though - Melbourne is vibrant, safe and a city that is easy to settle in to. In terms of jobs I agree with Claire's comment that it depends on your industry - and your visa situation. I originally entered Australia on a Working Holiday visa and then was lucky enough to be sponsored by a company. Make sure you look at the different visa options as this may affect your work situation.

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I was in the same situation as you and decided to move to Melbourne, and same as you I thought it would may just be temporary. 3 yeras later I'm still here and absolutely loving it! The lifestyle here is very addictive :) I did initially struggle to find work here; I moved over with my boyfirend who has an Australian passport and so I got a De Facto visa. I wanted to working in Public Relations as that's what I did in America but it was really hard getting a job in that industry so ended up temping. I guess it depends on your industry though. Everything else was pretty straightforward - especially finding an apartment. Meeting people was also easy as it's a very social city with lots of different cultures all eager to mix. So all in all I say go for it!

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Thank you so much guys for all your posts - some great advice on here.

We've decided to bite the bullet and make the move; exciting stuff! And instead of next year we're thinking later this year, maybe October in time for Melbourne summer. I have a few more questions around moving to Australia which I'm hoping my new expat friends might be able to help me with.

1. We have a pet dog (Ralph, and he's more like a child than a pet!) I've heard it's tricky bringing animals in to Australia but leaving him behind isn't an option. Has anyone had any experience with bringing pets here, specifically how much it costs?

2. What suburb should we look at renting in? My wife's company has an office in the Melbourne CBD, is that a good area to live in or is there somewhere close by that's better?

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It's a nice idea to move Melbourne. It is a beautiful place offering beaches and amazing locations. It will also benefit you in shaping your career as well. I also lived the UK for 8 years in Ilford. But recently, I moved to Melbourne. Here I run my own digital marketing agency. There are so many shopping centers as well which you would like and will love to go again and again. So have a great life and journey.

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