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I've been living in Australia for two years now and love it. However my Working Holiday visa is about to expire. I have a job which I really like and I think they're happy with me, I could maybe ask for Sponsorship. I'm also in a relationship with an Australian guy so might be able to look at a De Facto visa. Has anyone else beenin a similar situation and has some advice. I don't want to leave Melbourne!  


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I also went the de facto visa route with my partner. You have to have been together for a few years and living together for at least one, and be able to prove your relationship is genuine and continueing. Do you fulfil those requirements? It's also quite an expensive visa; I did it a few years back and it was $4,000 just to put in the application. Visa prices go up every year so it probably costs more than that now.

Also have you looked into getting a second year working holiday? I know people who have done that, you have to do some work work but it's only for a short time and will get you another year here.

Em1985 1435072076

Thanks for your response. I had no idea of the cost for the visa - that's so expensive! Also we've only been living together for 8 months so wouldn't fulfil the 1 year requirement.

I haven't looked into the second year working visa but perhaps that is my only option at the moment. Do you know if you can choose where you go to do the farm work?

Claire-888716 1436349349

I think the best thing is to contact the department of Immigration directly and talk to them about your circumstances. You can find the nearest office here: or call them on 131 881 between 08:30am and 4:30pm. That way you know you are getting the right advice for your situation.

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Agree with the above - don't rely on secondhand information when it comes to visas! What I will say is make sure you apply for your second year visa before your first one expires. you can do this online after you've completed the 3 months specified work in regional Australia.

Em1985 1436359664

So the work definitley needs to be done before I can apply for the 2nd year working holiday visa? I don't have that long left on my 1st year visa... Do you know where I can apply to do regional work?

In the meantime I'll call the Department

Claire-888716 1436360021

This website has list of jobs available which you can filter by State:

Also make sure you keep certified copies of any payslips as proof that you did the work in case the Department asks. Or you can complete this form:

Dave11 1436360202

This website is also good for job searching:


Em1985 1436878095

Thanks all so much for your help and advice. I am off to Queensland now to do a few months of fruit picking to get my 2nd year working holiday visa, then can apply for a de facto visa with my boyfriend. My advice to anyone else - be super organised with your visa applications! I had no idea what my situation was and I'm so glad I called the Department of Immigration to clarify what I had to do.

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