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I'm looking for some really unique gift ideas, does anyone know of some good gft shops in Melbourne?

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I'm looking for a themed restaurant to host a birthday dinner, something relaxed and fun. Any suggestions? A central location would be best. Thanks in advance!

started by: Jonny-951261 · last update: 1405966150 · posted: 1401887719

I'm quite new here and would like to make new business contacts - is there an organisation which runs professional netowrking events in Melbourne?

started by: Stephie12 · last update: 1405093230 · posted: 1404834904

My folks are coming to Melbourne in a few months and my Dad is in a wheelchair; can anyone recommend some cheap accommodation which is wheelchair-friendly? 

started by: Olivia-907246 · last update: 1404817110 · posted: 1404211376

We're quite new here and are really struggling to find buget friendly school holiday activities. oes anyone have any recommendations?

started by: Jonny-951261 · last update: 1398360081 · posted: 1398356655

Does anyone know how easy it will be to park down at the Shrine of Rememberance for the dawn ceremony tomorrow? I've heard it can get pretty busy down there.

started by: Stephie12 · last update: 1397753817 · posted: 1397656317

Any tips on the best way to do this journey? It's pretty far so a taxi is out!

started by: Jonny-951261 · last update: 1397652055 · posted: 1397566450

Hi  - are shops/restaurants generally open here on Good Friday? 

started by: Stephie12 · last update: 1397058359 · posted: 1396460031

I would like to know how easy it is to get part time work in Australia? When we move to Melbourne soon my husband will be working full time and we have two kids but I would like a part time job somewhere if possible. If anyone has been a similar situation I would love some advice on how to proceed. 

started by: HarlemShake · last update: 1396959056 · posted: 1396956058

I recently lodged an application for a Partner visa for Australia. Now my brother is thinking about moving to Melbourne and I want to see if I can add him to my application. Does anyone know if this is possible?

started by: Eurokid57 · last update: 1395658796 · posted: 1391101482

Hi. we have applied for a 143 visa (parental Contributry). We have been told by, London australia house we have to pay 42k each. (non refoundable). I am at presnt on holiday in Australia, we have spoken to various people and the answers we have been given are all different. They range from, you dont have to pay it ,its only to see if you have it... You get it back after two to four years. Tried ring Perth very long waiting time on phone. As anybody had parents move here recently? and do they no the answer.

started by: FrenchFries-907248 · last update: 1394533036 · posted: 1394098044

Do you have to provide fingerprints when applying for an Australian criminal record check as part of a visa application?

started by: Peter123-907247 · last update: 1393926187 · posted: 1393508687

I run my own business from home but would like to use a serviced office once in a while for meetings. Can anyone recommend a good business centre that won't cost a fortune?

started by: Nicko82-888719 · last update: 1393499186 · posted: 1393337601

I'm a US citizen on a working holiday visa and want to know if I have the option of getting a second year if I do farm work/fruit picking. I've heard of other people doing this but then someone said that option is not available to Americans...

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If so, and you're a woman (sorry men!), please email gillianj_harvey@yahoo.co.uk for interview opportunity (for national newspaper - fee available).

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Looking for suggestions for New Year's in Melbourne - where's good to go to?

started by: Pippa123 · last update: 1387206547 · posted: 1386765787

I'm looking for a good, reliable travel agent for corporate travel, any recommendations?

started by: Jo&Steve · last update: 1386759687 · posted: 1386687469

does anyone know the cut-off date for sending Christmas cards to the USA? I think I may have missed it!

started by: Olivia-907246 · last update: 1385759350 · posted: 1385042675

My parents are coming over to Australia in a few weeks for Christmas and I want to plan some fun Christmas-related activities for us all. Any ideas appreciated!

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I'm having a Thanksgiving dinner at my house and I'm trying to find a butcher that stocks whole turkeys. I've noticed they're not that common here! Any suggestions?

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