started by: Lulu-907249 · last update: 1382614080 · posted: 1381146595

I want to go to some of the horse racing events in Melbourne this year but there are so many and I can't go to all of them! Any suggestions on which are the best?

started by: Olivia-907246 · last update: 1380716982 · posted: 1380200569

I'm looking for an outfit to wear to the races this year but I don't want to spend an absolute fortune! Does anyone have any recommendations?

started by: Lollipop86 · last update: 1379003320 · posted: 1378398101

I'm looking for a weight loss/ nutrition program in Melbourne, does anyone have any recommendations?

started by: Em1985 · last update: 1377528502 · posted: 1376992446

I would like to try this, can anyone recommend a good studio? 

started by: Dave11 · last update: 1377090474 · posted: 1376315250

I'm leaving Melbourne at the end of the year and woul like to sell off all my furniture. Can anyone recommend a good way of doing this?

started by: Pippa123 · last update: 1377085320 · posted: 1376910289

I'm looking for boutiques in Melbourne which sell Australian designers, any tips?

started by: SimonSays44 · last update: 1376908746 · posted: 1375708853

If anyone knows a reliable key cutter in Melbourne please let me know

started by: PColoration · last update: 1376651296 · posted: 1376559176

Does anybody know a good place in st kilda where I can give some clothes to charity?   thanks

started by: TheJones · last update: 1375359873 · posted: 1375274017

Where is the best oyster bar in Melbourne? Preferably one which also serves champagne!

started by: MsMelbournel · last update: 1374767690 · posted: 1374145900

I need to get some business cards and flyers printed, can anyone recommend a good printer in Melbourne? Thanks

started by: Peter123-907247 · last update: 1374084208 · posted: 1373472772

Any recommendations for places in Melbourne with free live music?

started by: Joanne-907244 · last update: 1373633322 · posted: 1371136707

Hi, I am currently travelling around Australia on a working holiday visa and plan to be in Melbourne for 3 or 4 months this September (I have a job lined up in hospitality) Can anyone tell me which suburb would be good for me to live in? I'll be working all over the city at various venues so I guess somewhere central would be good. I also want somewhere vibrant with lots of character and places to go out. Thanks in advance

started by: Lulu-907249 · last update: 1372175607 · posted: 1371810682

I have a long flight to London coming up and really need to get some rest on the plane. But I've travelled extensively and have never mastered the art of travel sleeping - do any of my fellow travellers have any tips or advice? Thank you in advance, Lulu

started by: MsMelbournel · last update: 1371044099 · posted: 1370362387

I'm taking a prospective client out to lunch next week and am looking for a good suggestion as to where to go – doesn’t have to be flashy but would be nice if it’s in Melbouren CBD and a bit funky with good food (fresh produce etc). Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

started by: Olivia-907246 · last update: 1369843357 · posted: 1369312714

My parents are coming to stay and want to explore some of the areas around Melbourne and Victoria. Can anyone recommend some good day trips to go on? We will rent a car as I think that will be easier. Thank you in advance.

started by: MovingtoOz · last update: 1368632952 · posted: 1368198221

Someone mentioned that I need something called a Tax File Number to be able to work in Australia, is this correct? And how do I get one?

started by: bag14 · last update: 1368527246 · posted: 1368465908

Is this popular in Australia like it is in the US? I've never seen anyone use coupons at the check out here!

started by: Lollipop86 · last update: 1368458399 · posted: 1368458399

I've found this great website for cheap flights and just wanted to share it! http://www.bestflights.com.au/

started by: Footyfan89 · last update: 1368182432 · posted: 1366738349

Can anyone recommend a site other that Gumtree for finding shared accommodation in Melbourne?

started by: Em1985 · last update: 1367417455 · posted: 1366109117

Can anyone recommend a good Australian fashion/beauty website? I find the clothing here quite expensive so I want to start shopping online.

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