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I've been asked to book a hotel for some interstate colleagues who are coming to Melbourne. It would need to be either in or close to Melbourne CBD and suitable for business travellers (wireless internet, meeting rooms etc.) Any suggestions?

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Hi, my parents are coming to visit me later this year and want to book their accommodation early. I've had a look at hotels but they're staying for two weeks so it gets expensive. Does anyone know of any good alternative accommodation options here? Thanks in advance

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Can anyone recomend a store which sells vegan products in Melbourne?

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I just got here and I'm looking for some part time work, maybe three days a week as a PA/secretary. Can anyone recommend a good job agency that can help me find something?

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My daughter has decided she wants to take up the violin! They're quite expensive to buy new, does anyone know of a good second hand musical instrument store? Thanks in advance

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Hi me and my wife wish to join our daughter who has now lived in OZ for 5yrs. We are looking at parent visa's but which one? we used the visa wizard on the Australian  immagration site, we were given a choose of three, a 103 which can take up to 5yrs (not good). but low cost. second was a 143, 12 to 24 mths but with a price of 25000 aud each. third was 173 again quite quick but with a very high price 42000 aud each. Do we get this money back? is there any othere options, i am 59 and would be looking for work, all the above visa give us that option.  What is a AoS? and could this help us, as we need our money to buy a house. Should we use a agent or go it alone? Phil.  

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Does anyone know how long you have to do farm work for to get your second year working holiday visa? I've heard different things. Thanks

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I'm really missing Hula Hoops and Twiglets and Penguin Bars! Is there anywhere in Melbourne that sells them?

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Where's the best Australia Day party?!

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