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This is attributed to our independent service, that allows us to tailor your contact lens fitting with best design of contact lens from a wide range of manufacturers so you can have the most comfortable and best vision possible. Depending on your visual needs our optometrists can fit you with a range of contact lens options both prescription and colored. We can help you to see, glasses-free.

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Gorgeous Smiles is an established dental clinic conveniently located in the heart of Dentist Melbourne CBD We are proud to have a team of talented dental surgeons with many years working in general, pediatric, and cosmetic dentistry. At our clinic, we focus on providing our clients with a comprehensive range of affordable dental services tailored to their individual needs. We are committed to customer satisfaction and aim to be as flexible as possible to accommodate the needs of each and every person who walks through our doors.

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We often punish our teeth without even realising. Here are four bad habits you may have that need to stop today. For your teeth’s sake!1) Biting your nailsGnawing at your fingernails can damage your teeth or dental work, increasing your chances of tooth-chipping.2) Using your teeth as toolsOpening bottles, cracking nuts, and ripping into the packaging are things we’re all guilty of. However, in doing so we make our teeth are susceptible to cracks and chips.3) SmokingRegular smoking can cause discoloration, gum disease and loss of bone density in the jaw.4) Grinding your teethClenching and grinding teeth is a symptom of stress or frustration. But this can erode your teeth’s enamel leaving them exposed to decay.Luckily, Gorgeous Smiles believes in just that, and we are here to help. We offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services to help you get the smile of your dreams.Teeth WhiteningDiscoloration of teeth can be a cause for major embarrassment. We offer teeth whitening services in Melbourne so you can show your pearly whites off. Our trained team will advise you on a course of action to get that white smile.VeneersGet rid of teeth gaps, discoloration or chips with teeth veneers. Like a porcelain jacket for your teeth, they can help cover up unsightly teeth problems.For more information call us on 03 9042 0483 or visit our website https://www.gorgeoussmiles.com.au/cosmetic-dentistry-chang…/

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1. Trophy Wife – RichmondTrophy Wife is a one-stop shop for nail art and beauty services. The “anti-salon salon” is a laid back, creative space to enjoy art and beauty while the staff pamper you. Based in Richmond, Trophy Wife is a shared creative space for beauty experts, with makeup artists and hair stylists also occupying the space. All the services at Trophy Wife also have vegan alternatives, thus making it a guilt-free choice. Specialising in detailed nail art, Trophy Wife has a large selection of unique designs for you to choose from. However, if nothing on their menu sparks your interest, you’re welcome to request something new! VISIT: Trophy Wife  ADVERTISEMENT2. Miss Fox – CBDRelax and unwind at Miss Fox Spa while their talented staff provide you with a personalised, professional manicure. Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, this salon is one of the best in the business with expert technicians and excellent service. The team pride themselves on maintaining the highest quality and hygiene standards possible. Additionally, if you’re concerned about the harmful chemicals in traditional nail products, you don’t need to worry at Miss Fox. You can relax knowing that the skilled technicians only use high-quality, vegan, ”10-free” polishes from Kester Black. Polishes with this formula are free from the 10 most harmful chemicals found in traditional nail products. With standard, and luxury services (complete with a bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne), this CBD spa is the perfect place to indulge. VISIT: Miss Fox Melbourne  3 Missy Lui’s Nail Salon – ArmadaleBased in Armadale, Missy Lui’s is an organic, non-toxic nail salon. They primarily focus on services that won’t leave your natural nails damaged and unhealthy when the polish comes off. Missy Lui’s Nail Salon offers a range of services to suit all needs. So whether you need a 15-minute express treatment, or an hour-long Japanese manicure to restore your nail health, they’ve got you covered. Using high-quality, vegan brands like Kester Black, Dazzle Dry and ZOYA, the team will ensure your nails are healthier when you walk out than when you arrived. VISIT: Missy Lui’s Nail Salon  4. Crown Spa – SouthbankIf you’re looking for luxury, the Crown Spa at Melbourne’s Crown Towers could be the perfect solution. You can relax and unwind with a La Prairie deluxe manicure or pedicure, while your hands (or feet) get pampered with an exfoliation and anti-ageing mask. This 90-minute treatment is a perfect way to treat yourself before a big event if your hands need a little extra care. So if you want to splurge on a high-end experience, be sure to check out the Crown Spa. VISIT: Crown Spa Southbank  ADVERTISEMENT5. Miss Nail Bar – South MelbourneMiss Nail Bar is a funky concept salon that is the perfect place if you need a flawless walk-in service. Located in the South Melbourne Markets, this bright, creative salon offers express, eco-friendly services at an affordable price. Unfortunately, they don’t currently provide pre-booked appointments, but if you’re looking for a last minute appointment, look no further. With colourful decor and friendly staff, Miss Nail Bar is the perfect place for a casual weekend pamper session with your friends. VISIT: Miss Nail Bar  6. The Super-Rad Nail Sisters – CollingwoodOwned and operated by sisters, Rohani and Rosalie Osman, The Super-Rad Nail Sisters combine beauty services with fine art. Based in Collingwood, the Osman’s specialise in all types of nail art. Whether you’re after a Swarovski encrusted french tip or some hand-painted art on your fingertips, The Super Rad Nail Sisters have got you covered. You can choose from their long list of designs, or pick something unique. The sisters also pride themselves on providing a professional, high-quality manicure under all of their funky designs. So you can be confident that your artistic fingertips will stay perfect for as long as possible. VISIT: The Super-Rad Nail Sisters  7. Monstera Nails & Spa – St KildaLocated in St Kilda, Monstera Nails and Spa offers a wide range of nail and beauty services to cater to all needs. With friendly, professional technicians, this salon has an excellent reputation for their exceptional customer service. Monstera Nails and Spa offer acrylic, gel and SNS services, thus making them a one-stop shop for any nail request. With free parking and a view of the beautiful St Kilda streets, this salon offers a high-quality service without needing to travel into the CBD. This St Kilda based gem is one of the best nail salons in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. VISIT: Monstera Nails and Spa  Nail Salon Near Me ADVERTISEMENT8. Salome Nail Salon – BrightonSalome Nail Salon focuses on offering a non-toxic, organic manicure without sacrificing the traditional high quality, professional standards. With a prime location on Church Street in Brighton, Salome stands out for their unique and artistic approach to nails. The salon features an in-house gallery to admire while their talented nail technicians get to work making your fingertips your very own works of art. However, if you’re not in the mood for nail art, you can still leave with a truly personalised manicure with Salome’s unique shade range. This Brighton-based gem offers exceptional customer service, stunning artwork and decor and a professional service every time. VISIT: Salome Nail Salon  9. Jet Nail Bar – BrunswickJet Nail Bar is Brunswick’s number one nail destination. Their expert technicians offer a professional, exceptional quality service for every customer. The salon is also highly regarded for its outstanding customer service, that has resulted in a long list of regular customers. Jet Nail Bar offers a wide range of beauty services, but nails are their speciality. Whether you’re after a classic french tip or something new and trendy like a colourful ombre, the team can deliver.  With a central Brunswick location and exceptional service in every way, Jet Nails is a leader in the industry. VISIT: Jet Nail Bar  10. Collins Nail Boutique – CBDWith a prime location in the Collins234 Shopping Centre, Collins Nail Boutique is the perfect place to get pampered. If you need to fit some “me” time into your busy work week, this place could be an excellent option. This salon offers a full range of services including SNS, gel polish and nail art to cater to every customer’s needs. Additionally, the boutique provides other popular beauty treatments like waxing and eyelash extensions, making it a one-stop shop for busy women. Collins Nail Boutique’s expert technicians pride themselves on providing a nurturing, positive environment, inspired by their hard-working customers. The salon’s goal is to help you relax and unwind while balancing your successful, busy lifestyle. So, if you’re looking for a convenient, no-fuss experience, Collins Nail Boutique could be perfect. VISIT: Collins Nail Boutique 

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Regularhealth screening help doctors to find problems before they start. Check outhere a complete guide and learn the importance of regular health check-up.

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I'd really like to become a yoga teacher and heve been doing some research into training courses. There are plenty of places that do them, I'm just not sure what to look for in terms of accreditation. Does anyone have any experience or can point me in the right direction?

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Can anyone recommend a hair salon that specialises in afro hair in Melbourne?

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I'm looking for a new gym in Melbourne, preferably in the CBD close to where I work. Any recommendations? 

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Hi Everyone, I'll be coming to the Brisbane area in the summer for a couple of months touring around and do not wish to weigh down my suitcase with anything that I can buy once I get there. I wear gas permeable contact lenses and use cleaning products  made by Allergan. Ideally someone who has used this brand in the UK could tell me what they use in Australia. failing that, recomendations for Australian brands and the cheapest place to buy contact lens solutions - in the UK I buy them in the supermarket, or failing that in Boots. What are the options that will be open to me in Australia? Thanks in advance for your help,   Jo

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I need to get a root canal but have been quoted over $1,400 at the dentist by my office. Can anyone recommend a cheaper dentist in Melbourne, preferably inner suburbs?

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I would like to take my family to skin clinic to get our moles checked, can anyone recommend a good skin doctor? Preferably one which bulk bills. Thanks in advance.

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Anyone keen to start a lunch time or after work running group in the CBD? Maybe a few laps around the Tan or just along the Yarra and back, nothing too crazy! Let me know what times/days suit and we can try to fix something up

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Myself and my partner have decidied to stay in Australia and have been advised to get a Medicare card - is this easy to do and does it cost anything? Cheers

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I really want to get some put in but I'm confused about the different types and I've heard they're really high maintenance. Can anyone share their experiences? Also if anyone knows of a good place to get them I'm all ears :)

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Claire - can you recommend a good place to get Shellac manicures? I went to a place in Melbourne Central and they did not do a good job! Thanks

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I'm looking for some sports activities to get involved in, something different that going to the gym or going for a run. Does anyone have any ideas or know of any good activities?  

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I'm looking for a good place to get a spray tan, any suggestions? Somewhere not too pricey, I went to a place in the CBD, paid $55 and it wasn't that great...

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