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Hi Everyone, I'll be coming to the Brisbane area in the summer for a couple of months touring around and do not wish to weigh down my suitcase with anything that I can buy once I get there. I wear gas permeable contact lenses and use cleaning products  made by Allergan. Ideally someone who has used this brand in the UK could tell me what they use in Australia. failing that, recomendations for Australian brands and the cheapest place to buy contact lens solutions - in the UK I buy them in the supermarket, or failing that in Boots. What are the options that will be open to me in Australia? Thanks in advance for your help,   Jo


KiwiGirl42 1401204535

Hey Jo - you can buy contact lense solution from any pharmacy here. I've never seen Allergan but I use Boston which is for gas permeable lenses. There's a chain pharmacy called Priceline (which is the equivalent to your Boots/Superdrug) they have these in every city, and there's also MyChemist . You can't normally buy solution in supermarkets here. There are also plenty of travel sized options in the stores which won't weigh you down!

Josephine79 1401205806

Thanks Kiwi Girl!

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