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I really want to get some put in but I'm confused about the different types and I've heard they're really high maintenance. Can anyone share their experiences? Also if anyone knows of a good place to get them I'm all ears :)


KittyKat85 1361785855

Don't get too many put in if your hair is fine. I got a full head of tapes and when they eventually took them out I had bald patches :( But if you just get a few they should be fine. I got mine done at Sechi Hair in Port Melbourne, they had a special on so it wasn't too expensive. I wouldn't really recommend the salon though, I think they did a bad job on my hair. I think Imperial Crest on Bay Street in Port Melbourne is a good place, they specialise in exstenions

Pippa123 1361895143

@kittykat85 - do you know what the difference is between the different types of hair extension?

KittyKat85 1362136568

I would go to a hairdresser that specialises in hair extensions and ask them directly. Also I would recommend buying some clip in ones to start with (you can get them cheap online), I find them easy to use and they're not too abrasive on your natural hair.

Lollipop86 1362582301

I bought clip in ones off ebay and they're good, really simple to put in and they look natural. Just make sure you get a colour that's close to your own, and cut them down if they're too long.

ryanshaw78 1380845261

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