Running Group in CBD

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Anyone keen to start a lunch time or after work running group in the CBD? Maybe a few laps around the Tan or just along the Yarra and back, nothing too crazy! Let me know what times/days suit and we can try to fix something up


Pippa123 1359992314

I'm keen! Lunch time would be best for me, I get an hour between 1.00 - 2.00pm but that's flexible. Any day of the week is good...

Nicko82-888719 1360056456

Yeah I'm keen, lunchtime is good for me too

Gothepies11 1360059859

Ok shall we try for next Monday at 12.30? We can meet at Federation Square by the entrance to the Visitor Centre.

Nicko82-888719 1360061138

Sounds good, see you then!

Pippa123 1360066354

Yeah that works fo me too, see you then

WelshLad12 1360081426

I'm in! Awesome idea, I need to get training for the Run for the Kids in March

Gothepies11 1360581417

Hi gang I'll be Fed Square by the entrance to the Visitor Centre at 12.30. I'll be wearing red running shorts and shirt with a British flag on it - just to be patriotic! Cheers, Steve

KiwiGirl42 1367408972

Hi all, is this still happening? I'm training for the Mother's Day classic next week :)

Gothepies11 1367415068

It sure is! Every Monday at 12.30, we've got a great little group going. We meet at Fed Square and I'm usually wearing my Union Jack T shirt!

KiwiGirl42 1367489178

Ok great, I'll see you there!

Gothepies11 1380890402

OK gang after a short break over winter the lunch time running group is back on! I'll be at Fed Square by the entrance to the visitor centre on Monday at 12.30. See you there!

Pippa123 1381311490

Sorry I missed you guys on Monday, I will be back with a vengence next week!

KiwiGirl42 1381741605

I'll be missing out today - did the marathon yesterday and my whole body is SO sore! See you all next week :)

Pippa123 1381742688

Well done Lou! Hope your body recovers quickly :)

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