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Good day All!  Im a Spaniard who moved here a few years ago and married a lovely Aussie!! Ive enjoyed our time in Melbourne but now we've decided to move back to  Spain! Weve accumulated a lot of stuff! We are really struggling to find a reliable and reasonable moving and shipping company. Weve seen some awful reviews online! Any EXPATS here have any advice on which compny is best for moving out of Au to Eu? Anyone move to or from UK /EU to Melbourne or vice versa that can share some advice?? If you know of a good removalist, please let me know. Any suggestions helpl! Cheers and have a great day! Hasta luego Red


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A few years ago we moved from Melbourne to France and had 3 quotes before finally settling on Allied Pickford.  They did an excellent job.  It was all shipped to Marseille and stored before until we were ready. They are certainly worth considering.

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You could also look at our Business Directory for ideas, we have a large list of removal companies:

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