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We've recently bought a puppy and a firend suggested we get pet insurance - doe anyone else have this and is it really necessary? Who is the best provider? Thank you in advance

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Good morning, I wish to import 3 dogs to Melbourne Australia at the earliest opportunity from Cyprus (Mediterranean). Can anyone recommend a good shipper or a company who 'does it all' please including the paperwork and regulatory process please. Kind thanks Doug

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We've decided we really want to get a family dog! We're considering getting a rescue puppy from one of the local animal shelters in Melbourne, or we're thinking about contacting a breeder and getting a British Bulldog. Does anyone have any experience in buying a dog here? Any advice would be great :)

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My daughter want to take up horse riding, can anyone recommend a school close to central Melbourne>?

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I'm moving to Melbourne with my partner later this year and want to bring my dog Rusty. A friend said he will have to stay in quarantine for at least 6 months, is this true? Also she said they don't get exercised in quarantine and he needs a lt of walking... Any info would be great

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We've just booked to go back to the UK at Christmas and aren't sure what to do about our dog. I've heard kennels here can be expensive and we probably couldn't afford it for 2 weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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