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To all readers   If anyone has any information about Rugby Players killed in WW1 in the Aisne Department in 1914, 1917, and 1918 would you please contact me at the facebook page Rugby&WW1. I am currently researching the above alongside the Conseil General L'Aisne, as a new monument dedicated to all rugby players killed in the Department will be unveiled in 2017. We have the details of the 15 Internationals (12 France,  2 Scotland,  1 England)  who died here, however it the Club Players that we are now looking for. To date we have found 37 names. Appeals have gone out across the UK and now the search is being widened. Mnay thanks  John D

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I've got family coming to Melbourne in November and they want to do the races. I've never been so not sure which is the best race to go to and how to get tickets, any advice? Also sister wants to know what she should wear...

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I've been asked to look into corporate packages for the upcoming Australian Open - does anyone know who I can contact to enquire about this?

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hi all, i am hoping for a bit of help looking for a saddle, I am a semi disabled rider, it has been suggested i try an australian stock or hybrid saddle but my problem is I AM NOT IN AUSTRALIA i am in france  the australian saddles sent over here are the bog standard fit a big horse type & very expensive!  or the cheap crap copies that don't fit any horse & an additional problem is my horse is not big, she is a short round french horse a camargue & she is built like a barrel, i bought a cheap battered old *copy saddle to try the style but it does not fit her, i used it on a friends tall french trotter & the saddle suited me fine..... but i don't have a tall french trotter just my camargue & since i have spent time & money getting her specially trained for my disability & i like her i would rather buy a different saddle than change horse, the saddler i use has said in australia they do make stock saddles in different fits for pony / fat horse/ etc OR  if i got a genuine australian stock/hybrid of a decent make - not 1 badly made in the far east -  he could alter the fit for my short fatty mare, since any alteration could be combined with repairs an older tatty saddle of a decent type & make would do. * far east budget copy saddles can't be altered as their tree is too crappy. most saddle sellers on ebay etc won't post to me ( i am in france) so i am asking can anyone look for a saddle to  fit her? i can send measurements  & send it to me, my cost of course, my budget is not big as my disability means work is not easy to find. thanks in advance & if you  want a holiday in france  staying with my family in our house or the use of our loft bedroom (or a tent in the garden!)  at no cost for your trouble i am in normandy within reach of the landing beaches, mont st michele & paris, i am not a holiday business just me & mine in our house. thanks for reading bye  

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Slightly strange question but is it generally safe for women to travel around Australia alone? Obviously I know that common sense is always needed when travelling but would like to hear other womens' thoughts/experiences on this.

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Where is the best place to watch the World Cup in Melbourne?

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We have some family coming to visit us in Australia and would like to know if we can do a weekend in Sydney from Melbourne - would that be enough time to see everything or should we take them somewhere in Victoria? Recommendations welcome!

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I'm looking to get tickets for the Australian Open and I've seen something called a Ground Pass on Ticketek - what does this entite you to?

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Does anyone have a spare ticket for sale for the football match tonight?  

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Can anyone recommend a good boot camp style workout in Melbourne? I think I ate a few too many Easter eggs!

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I'm keen to join a rugby club here, I've played a lot so I'm at quite a high level. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi I live in St Kilda - does anybody know about an upcoming Ironman here?  Where / When it is held? Thanks, Nick

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We're really keen to join a walking goup, dows anyone know of any in Middle Park area or close by?

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What are the best gyms to join if you work in the CBD?

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Does anybody know any good spots to watch the Super Bowl in a few weeks?

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Anyone know of a local football (or soccer as they call it here) club/team that I could join? I'm keen to get back in to the game since moving here. Cheers

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