Camilo Sesto - very complete collection


Very complete collection of: Camilo Blanes Cortés, Camilo Sesto, in around 3500 pieces including long-lasting and single vinyl records, long-playing and single compact discs, laser discs, DVDs, audio cassettes, video cassettes, books, magazines, posters, and a long etc. Everything from the career of this great artist, from his beginnings in his musical groups: Los Dayson and Los Botines, in the early 1960s, to his beginnings as: Camilo Sexto and Camilo Sesto, 1970, to the most recent in 2020, discs where Camilo choirs other artists such as: Miguel Ríos, Marisol, Juan Pardo, Peret, etc, gives his first compositions and produces other artists such as: Sanyago, Encarnita Polo, Cristina, Miguel Bosé, Angela Carrasco, José José , etc., discs in his own voice, Camilo, in a very complete discography, which includes the single album by, Camilo, with the group, Los Botines, his first single as, Camilo Sexto, and Camilo Sesto, until his most recent material , Camilo Symphonic. Records also by non-original performers from, Camilo, such as: Vicente Fernández, Pepe Aguilar, Manuel Mijares, Selena, Jenny Rivera, etc. Records from Europe, Asia and America, a very complete international collection. Cost: 50 thousand euros or its equivalent in national currency of Mexico. Personal delivery in, Mexico City, and to the rest of the country and abroad, the costs of transfer, packaging, shipping and everything that derives, will be borne by the buyer. Seriously please, I give detailed report only upon agreement to potential buyers.

Price 50,000 euros

 Location México, Distrito Federal

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