Childcare Training for Nannies in Mexico

Many international households receive support from an Empleada Doméstica or a Nanny to help with childcare. However at times cultural differences exist in childrearing expectations and practices. 
Jenna Mayhew Psychology in partnership with local psychological service, Educación en Movimiento, offer a four-part training series for nannies in Mexico. The program is based on respectful parenting/conscious parenting, attachment-informed relationships, child development research, and Montessori approaches to learning. It has been developed with the learning and cultural needs of nannies in Mexico in mind. 
The program: 

  • Includes 4 x 1 hour sessions delivered online 
  • Is facilitated by a Mexican psychologist and early childhood specialist 
  • Is delivered in Spanish 
  • Addresses cross-cultural differences that may arise regarding childrearing practices 

For the month of November we are offering a 25% discount, reducing the total fee to MX$3600 + IVA.
Please visit for more information or DM me with any questions.