Bilingual Therapy with David Lida

David Lida offers both individual and couples therapy to adults. His approach is gentle, reflective and exploratory, and has worked with many clients through issues of stress, anxiety, trauma and grief. He draws on a number of different models including psychodynamic approaches and humanistic perspectives. The latter positions the clients as the experts in their own lives. Through the facilitation of respectful, self-compassionate reflection, clients are able to gain new insights and clarity regarding their past and present challenges. David also brings an intercultural understanding to his work. He is able to provide therapy in both English and Spanish. 

David Lida studied psychoanalytic-based psychotherapy at El Colegio de Saberes here in Mexico City. David is originally from New York but has spent most of the past 30 years living in Mexico. 


Prior to being a therapist, David has also been a mitigation specialist, working with Mexicans who are in jail in the U.S. facing capital murder charges and, as such, the possibility of the death penalty. In this capacity he has been on defense teams that have saved more than twenty lives. He has also been a journalist and is the author of four books, including two about Mexico City: First Stop in the New World and Las llaves de la ciudad. His work as a therapist is the culmination of decades of efforts listening to people, in the quest of understanding their motivations and actions. 


Due to the pandemic David is currently only offering sessions online. David is based in CDMX but is able to meet with clients from anywhere in Mexico due to sessions being online. 

David works within a team of international therapists at Hola Therapy. You can read more about them here: