Laura P. Betancourt, PsAn. Psicoanalìtica

Member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Society for Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytical Psychology.
I am a bilingual multicultural psychotherapist and psychological assessment expert, working with adults and adolescents both in individual and couple’s therapy, in person and online. 
I am fully licensed to work in Mexico, which allows me to provide official invoices.  I’ve also been a professor at Alliant International University, Universidad Iberoamericana and Tec de Monterrey, and a professional expert witness in several courts around the US. 

Who I work with:
Adults and adolescents with issues related to depression, anxiety, social relationships, school problems, family and couples, adjustment to a new country, bereavement, amongst others, in Individual and couples therapy. I also have workshops and sessions with parents and couples in pre-marriage or engagement stages.
Individual Psychotherapy:
It refers to the dealing with personal crisis through the communication and interaction of the therapist and the patient. 
The relationship established between them both is a professional one, based on techniques, structures and therapeutic principles designed to develop and strengthen the individual.
Couples Psychotherapy:
Each person involved in a relationship has a personal and family history. When an affective bond is established between these two people, some complicated challenges can appear as a crisis, especially when the couple faces a specific situation such as a financial crisis, infertility problems, issues with children or their in-laws, etc. 
Couples psychotherapy allows the couple to explore and to open new and better possibilities for the relationship, therefore deepening and enriching the relationship.
To book an appointment, please send a text message using whatsApp to:
From the US: 01 (52) (55) 8564-9850
From Mexico:   (55) 8564-9850?
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