Peterson School (Cuajimalpa)

*English Montessori Preschool, Pre-First, Primary, Middle School and High School. We are a globalized school that incorporates an English and Spanish co-curriculum for complete immersion, SAIS and AdvanceED accredited, as well as being the first Google Reference School outside the United States and the United Kingdom. We are SEP certified, IB school, which aims to offer a personalized and value-oriented education. Huizachito 80, Lomas de Vistahermosa, Cuajimalpa, C.P 05720 CDMX. Tel. 5849 1884 / 5849 1885

The Peterson Schools


Peterson Schools offer instruction in Spanish and English for students at all levels from Montessori Preschool to High School. The Schools’ academic programs are based on an American educational model and are accredited by national and international bodies. Peterson Schools emphasize a personalized approach to education, a balanced and comprehensive academic program and the cultivation of environmental and social responsibility. Religious and cultural diversity is respected and reflected in a community representing 35 different countries.

Educational Focus

Peterson Schools offer programs based on an American educational model at the Preschool, Elementary, Middle and High School levels. The Preschool uses the Montessori Method and emphasizes the role of individual development, a ‘discovery’ model of learning, and the importance of encouraging curiosity, creativity and social responsibility.  Instruction in the Preschool Program is exclusively in English, while instruction at all subsequent grade levels is split equally between English and Spanish, as are extracurricular activities.

Peterson Schools are committed to ensuring that students have the skills, habits and knowledge necessary to succeed in English and Spanish. The curriculum is organized around the acquisition of competencies in six key fields: personal and social development, language and communication skills, mathematical thinking, knowledge about the world, artistic appreciation and expression, and physical development and health. This curriculum is delivered by trained educators using a constructivist method and integrates new information and communication technology at all levels of study.

Peterson Schools’ academic program is accredited by Mexico’s Department of Public Education and the National Autonomous University of Mexico; additionally, the Peterson Schools’ program is recognized by the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS), AdvancED  Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBO) available to students in the High School. The Peterson Schools are recognized for their strengths in English, Spanish and mathematics, and our students regularly perform at very high levels in external evaluations such as the TOEFL, COLLEGE BOARD  and ENLACE tests. Students attending the Peterson Schools will be easily able to transfer to schools abroad, and graduates will find themselves prepared for success at top Mexican and international universities and colleges.   


In addition to the intellectual development of its students, Peterson Schools philosophy recognizes the importance of physical and emotional development. The health and athletics programs at the Schools include strategies to prevent smoking and alcohol and drug abuse. Students with learning or emotional difficulties are supported by assessors who work closely with the student and his or her parents.

A core commitment of Peterson Schools is to encourage the development of environmental and social responsibility in its students. Beginning at age five, Peterson Schools’ students become involved in social service activities including food-drives, volunteer programs with the elderly or children with special needs, fund-raising and similar activities. 

By emphasizing its core values – respect, responsibility, honesty, loyalty, creativity and curiosity –Peterson Schools strive to support the development of responsible men and women prepared to live honorable and productive lives.

Campuses and Facilities

With four campuses across the city, Peterson Schools offer more than 45,000m2 of physical space.  The Lomas Campus is home to approximately 180 students in the Montessori Preschool.  In addition to specialized spaces for very young children, it has classrooms with computers and electronic boards, a music/art room, library, and outdoor play areas. The Pedregal Campus accommodates more than 600 Preschool and Primary School students.  In addition to Preschool spaces, age appropriate classrooms are equipped with computers and smart boards; students participate in physical education on an outdoor athletic field or on one of several patio spaces.  There is a library, art and music rooms and a hydroponics lab.

The Cuajimalpa Campus welcomes more than 1150 students from Preschool through to High School.  In addition to Preschool spaces and grade-appropriate classrooms, this campus houses a Multipurpose Complex used for performing arts, and special events; it also contains indoor sports fields. The Tlapan Campus also serves approximately 500 students at all levels of study. This campus features three hydroponic greenhouses, an athletic field, volleyball and basketball courts and a large gymnastics area. 

All campuses have full-time paramedics, and offer grade-appropriate extracurricular activities to support and encourage our students to learn new skills and explore new interests.

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