The Edron Academy

The Edron IB is a comprehensive 2 year curriculum for highly motivated secondary school students. It prepares them for future university studies and allows them access to leading Mexican and overseas universities. COBIS Accredited Member.

The Edron Academy (El Colegio Británico) A.C. is a non-profit making institution founded in 1963 by Edward Foulkes and Ronald Stech. Their vision was to create a learning community in which every child would feel secure, wanted, cared for and free from tension and hostility. Over the years the school has retained these fundamental values, whilst adapting to change and expansion. In 1985, it achieved its bi-cultural status through incorporation with the Mexican education authority.

The Edron Academy is the only COBIS (Council of British International Schools) Accredited Member school in mexico City and recognised by the Department of Education in London.

School Organization

The School is divided into four sections:

Early Years Center (ages 1 to 3)
Kinder (ages 3 to 5): Nursery to Year 1
Primary (ages 6 to 10): Year 2 to Year 6
Secondary (ages 11 to 18): Year 7 to Year 13

Mission Statement

The Edron recognizes each child as an individual, developing their potential as global citizens in an environment where they feel safe, valued and secured. Where respect at all levels is fundamental to developing a secure sense of self and a desire to always be the best that they can be, both academically and personally.

Through the medium of a bilingual and bicultural learning environment, the Edron seeks to ensure that students are prepared to be internationally minded, creative, self-assured future leaders and role models for whom every individual is valued for the contribution they make to society.


The Edron vision is to be the best bicultural and bilingual school in Mexico.

That when students leave the school they will:

• Ensure that the underlying philosophies of their lives are respect and tolerance at all levels.

• Have a life-long love of learning.

• A clear sense of self and their role as conscientious global citizens and leaders.

• Always aim to be the best they can be.

• Be advocates for the best traditions and culture of Mexico and Britain.

• To be environmentally aware and understand the environmental impact of their actions.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

The IB is a comprehensive two-year curriculum for highly motivated Secondary school students. It prepares them for future university studies and allows them access to leading Mexican and overseas universities. The emphasis of the IB subjects provides a balance between an international focus and opportunities for students to fully investigate their own culture and language. 

IB Structure

• The IB program begins in Year 12 and ends in Year 13.

• Class size is a maximum of 24 pupils per group but some groups may be smaller.

• The importance of pastoral care is maintained throughout these last years. Students have a PSE program and receive vocational guidance and support as to further education.

• There is regular contact between the school and home through progress reports and full written reports meetings and Parent Conference days.

• We have a revalidation Agreement with UNAM (The National University of Mexico)

Complementing the IB Diploma Program, students at the Edron take three UNAM courses (one in each year from Year 11 to Year 13).

Contact Details

Calzada Desierto de los Leones 5578

Col. Olivar de los Padres

Del. Alvaro Obregon

01740 México, DF

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