Cosmetic Surgeons & Plastic Surgery

Dra. Mara Teresa Aguilar Ibarra
Plastic, esthetic and reconstructive surgery. Rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, body contouring, ear surgery, face and hand reconstructive procedures, skin cancer treatment, wound treatment. Av. Chapultepec 444-402, Col. Roma Norte, 06700 Mexico DF.
Dra. Carolina Trabanino
Plastic and reconstructive surgeon. ABC Hospital Santa Fe, Carlos Graef Fernandez 154 - Suite 206, Col. Tlaxcala, 05300 Mexico DF.
Dr. Adrian Peralta
Plastic and esthetic surgery; blepharoplasty and liposuction. Non-surgical treatments such as facial fillers. Reconstructive surgery includes Parry Romberg and hand tumors. Insurgentes Sur 1677 unit 203, Col. Guadalupe Inn, 01020 Mexico DF.
Dra. Silvia Espinos Maceda
Specializes in breast reduction and augmentation, facial surgery and liposuction. Agustin Gonzalez de Cossio 353, Col. Del Valle Centro, 03100 Mexico DF.
Plastica Medica
Under the direction of Dr. Alfredo Meza Peres, the board-certified surgeons at this clinic offer a range of plastic surgery options. Tepic 113-512 Col. Roma Sur, 06760 Mexico DF.
Dr. Oscar Eduardo Salmean Pina
Expertise: Rhinoplasty, breast and buttock augmentation, liposuction. Operates at the Hospital Angeles Santa Monica, Temistocles 210, Consultorio 113, Col. Polanco, 11550 Mexico DF.
Dr. Enrique Rodrigues Patino
Facial, breast, buttock surgery, capillary treatments. Hospital San Angel Inn, Piso 7, Cons. 720, Av. Rio Churubusco 601, Col. Xoco, 03339 Mexico DF.