ENT, Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists

Dr. Alberto Magana
ENT specialist working from the ABC Hospital. Sur 136, Torre de Consultas Room 318, Col. Las Americas 01120 Mexico DF.
Dr. Rafael Andraca de Granada
ENT specialist working from the Angeles Hospital. Camino a Sta. Teresa 1055 office 680, Col. Heroes de Padierna, 10700 Mexico DF.
Dr. Daniel Bross Soriano
Otolaryngologist working from the ABC Hospital. Carlos Graef Fernandez 154 office 420, Col. Santa Fe, 05300 Mexico DF.
Dr. Carlos Barron Mijares
ETN practitioner specializing in the treatment of children. Agrarismo 208 tower A, Col. Escandon, 11800 Mexico DF.
Dra. Monica Rodriguez
ENT surgeon. Cochlear implants, otology, skull base surgery and general ENT. ABC Medical Center. Carlos Graef Fernandez 154, office 156, Col. Santa Fe, 05300 Mexico DF.
Dra. Cecilia Estefan
Functional and Esthetic Nose Surgery, Endoscopic Nose and Ear Surgery, Treatment of voice and other throat diseases, pediatric ENT diseases, allergic rhinitis, upper respiratory problems, ear complaints. Consulations at Hospital Medica Sur, Tlalpan.
Dr. Pablo Wladislavosky
ENT doctor specializing in ear problems. Av. de las Palmas 735 office 804, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, 11000 Mexico DF.