Freelance Translators & Interpreters

Translations to and from English, Spanish, German, French and other languages made by freelancers in Roma, Condesa, Polanco and other areas of the city.  Areas of expertise include academic, business, medical and technical issues.

Elena de la Rosa
Offers Spanish to English and English to Spanish interpretation services.
Alejandro Moreno
English to Spanish and Spanish to English translator and interpreter. Extensive experience in the academic sector.
Ana Maria Kucharik de Sotelo
Offers interpretation services between Spanish, English, German and French.
Seth Phillips - SP2ENG
Spanish and Portuguese to English legal, financial and business text translator. Extensive experience with commercial court rulings, contracts, articles of incorporation, annual reports and accounts, and business presentations. Iturbide 32, Col. Cent...
Joyce Denton
Spanish to English and English to Spanish interpreting services.
Gabriela Lopez
Freelance translator, English or Italian to Spanish.
Rondi Frankel
Native English and Spanish speaker offering translation services to and from both languages. Specialty areas: food and wine, art, culture, science.  Also available for non-simultaneous translation work.
Susan Duncan
Freelance translator. English to Spanish and Spanish to English.
Cristina de Castillo
Offers English to Spanish, French to Spanish, and Spanish to English interpretation services.
Adriana Pruneda
Experienced freelance translator (English, Spanish, French). Pharmaceutical/medical, engineering, psychology, social sciences, technical, business, academic, finance, economics. Certified translator for the Federal Court of Tax and Administrative Justice.
Italia Morayta
Based in San Angel, offers interpretations services in Spanish, French, English and Portuguese.
Pedro de Koster
Precision translating, interpreting, audio dubbing. Translations into English and Spanish from English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Hebrew.
Erika Eyl-Newell
Translator specialized in marketing, communications, and public relations documentation, all industries, English to Spanish and Spanish to English.
Beatriz Ramirez Cuevas
English to Spanish and Spanish to English services in San Angel.
Darinka Mangino Wilhelm
Roma-based interpreter offering services in English to Spanish and Spanish to English.
Javier Rojas
Certified interpreter and translator in English and Spanish, offers professional counseling regarding organizational communication, human resources, and social media management.
Penelope McKimm
Translator specializing in medical, academic, business/finance, literary, government (DOF), journalism, public relations materials; English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Lago de Chalco 102, Col. Anahuac, 11320 CDMX.
Sara Warden
Native English speaker offering private classes in the Condesa/Roma/Polanco areas. Experience teaching young children and adults. Also available for freelance Spanish-English translation work. Calle Rio Ebro 15-8, Col. Cuauhtemoc, 06500 CDMX.
Klara Schrittenlocker
Based in Roma Norte, offers interpretation services in Spanish, German, French, and English.
Edmond Camilleri
Totally interactive made-to-measure general and business English courses. Perfection of vocabulary and pronunciation. One to one or groups of 5 students maximum. Translation services also available. Consultancy in real time; classes on site or via Skype.&...
Emma Chegwyn
Freelance translation services: Spanish-English, French-English, German-English. Interpreting services: French-English, English-French; Spanish-English, English-Spanish; German-English, English-German. Proofreading service in English. Lago Chapala 26...
Susan Asselin
Spanish to English, French to English, and English to Spanish interpretation services.
Professional English-Spanish Interpreter
Interpreter/ translator providing services for your event or trip to Mexico City. Over ten years of experience in New York. Ask for a free quote.
Elisabeth Roure
English to Spanish and Spanish to English interpretation services.
Layla Meerloo
Translations and interpretations from Spanish to English.
Yara Trevethan
Offers English to Spanish, French to Spanish, and Spanish to English translation services. Technical, philosophical, technical, and literary expertise.
Margit Schlosser
Translating and interpreting to and from English, Spanish and German. Experienced conference interpreter. Alternative email: