Galleries, Art Exhibitions & Sales

John Gibbs Publications
Photography, printing and publication of postcards and posters focusing on the works of Diego Rivera and Jose Guadalupe Posada. Based in Coyoacan.
Domicilio Conocido
Art gallery and shop with sculptures, paintings, photography, furniture, clothing and jewelry. Open Tuesday to Friday 11:00-14:00, 16:00-19:00. Amsterdam 206, Col. Condesa, 06140 Mexico DF.
Far Imaging
Fine art photographic prints of beautiful natural and urban landscapes from around the world. Portfolio available to view on the website. Photographic assignments also undertaken (including weddings, social, commercial events).
Contemporary art gallery displaying national and international works. Open Tuesday to Thursday 11:00-18:00, Friday to Saturday 11:00-16:00. Rafael Rebollar 94, Col. San Miguel Chapultepec, 11850 Mexico DF.
Montes de Oca
Contemporary art gallery. Campos Eliseos 215, Col. Polanco, 11560 Mexico DF.
Vintage furniture and objects. Also distributes painting, photography and sculpture artworks. Monday to Thursday 11:00-20:00, Friday 10:00-19:00, Saturday 11:30-15:30. Alvaro Obregon 186, Col. Roma, 06700 Mexico DF.
Victor Peralta
Contemporary artist drawing inspiration from Mexicos pre and post-Columbian cultural heritage. Displays in the San Angel market every Saturday. Commissions undertaken.
Toca Madera
Gallery for furniture and artisanal Mexican art. San Jacinto 15, Col. San Angel, 01000 Mexico DF.
Artisan gallery of unique, hand-crafted items. Open Monday to Friday 11:00-18:00, Saturday 10:00-19:00, Sunday 11:00-15:00. Madero 4, Col. San Angel, 01000 Mexico DF.
Cristina Romo Eduardo Herrera
Gallery showcasing ornamental bowls and jugs, as well as jewelry. Amsterdam 241, Col. Condesa, 06100 Mexico DF.
Noe Katz
International award-winning artist. Tamaulipas 55-202, Col. Condesa, 06721 Mexico DF.
Fine Art Educated Designer
 Custom Pop-up / Die-Cut Greeting Cards, Brochures, Flyer, Packaging Designing and Printing , Handmade or Digital Pencil Sketches,
Galeria de Arte
Virtual gallery selling Mexican contemporary art.
Oscar Roman
Art gallery displaying new artistic trends as well as traditional colonial works. Open Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00 and Saturday 11:00-14:30. Julio Verne 14, Col. Polanco, 11510 Mexico DF.
Galeria Ethra
Art gallery showing works by well-known and emerging young artists. A variety of themes and expression on display. Gift voucher service available. Londres 54, Col. Juarez, 06600 Mexico DF.
Galeria Enrique Guerrero
Art gallery showing contemporary visual art from national and international artists. Open Monday to Friday 10:00-14:30 and 16:00-18:30. Saturday 11:00-13:30. Homero 1549, Col. Polanco, 11540 Mexico DF.
Contemporary and urban art. Open Tuesday to Saturday 13:00-20:00, Sunday 12:00-18:00. Colima 184, Col. Roma Norte, 06700 Mexico DF.
Hand-crafted Mexican pieces of art. Commissions undertaken. Juarez 2A-3, Col. San Angel, 10000 Mexico DF.
The Mexican Revolution
Personalized sourcing of artwork, one-off design pieces, and handmade artisanwares for personal or corporate art collections or commercial tender. Private visits to artist studios and/or galleries and artist introductions are available.
Contemporary art gallery focusing on contemporary artists from Mexico and Latin America. Paintings, photography and other visual art forms. Plaza Rio de Janeiro 53, Col. Roma, 06760 Mexico DF.
Phuze Design
Fused glass art installations, ornaments and jewelry from artist and designer Orfeo Quagliata. Ignacio Allende 5, Col. Lazaro Cardenas, 53560 Estado de Mexico.
Rodo Padilla
Gallery for Mexican ceramic sculptor, Rodo Padilla. Juarez 2 Unit B, Col. San Angel, 01000 Mexico DF.
Galeria RV
Art gallery. Altavista 120-3, Col. San Angel, 01000 Mexico DF.
Contemporary art gallery providing a platform for innovative and trend-setting emerging and mid-career artists. Open Tuesday to Saturday 14:00-18:00. Melchor Ocampo 154-A, Col. San Rafael, 06470 Mexico DF.
Juanita Perez
Mexico-based US-trained contemporary artist and painter. Information about exhibitions available on the web page.
EDS Galeria
Contemporary art gallery specialized in photography, video, sculpture among others forms of expression. Young Mexican artists and international talent. Open Tuesday to Friday 11:00-17:00. Atlixco 32, Col. Condesa, 06140 Mexico DF.
Modern and new trends in popular and contemporary culture. Lowbrow and tiki art. Open Monday to Friday 12:00-20:00. Saturday 12:00-19:00 and Sunday 12:00-18:00. Colima 23 Local A, Col. Roma, 06700 Mexico DF.
Toys, ornaments, photo frames, puzzles and keyrings handmade in Mexico. Madero 6, Col. San Angel, 01000 Mexico DF.
Mary Stuart
US-born artist living and working in Mexico City. Oil paintings, sculptures, broken pottery works, rugs. Commissions undertaken. Direct contact
Galeria Afirme
Modern  and contemporary art. 
Toca Galeria
Art gallery displaying works by both established and young contemporary Mexican and international artists. Primary focus on photography and painting. Colima 174, Col. Roma, 06760 Mexico DF.
Luis Adelantado
Art gallery promoting contemporary art, including works by national and international artists. Open Monday to Friday 09:00-14:00 and 15:00-18:00. Saturday by appointment. Laguna de Terminos 260, Col. Anahuac, 11320 Mexico DF.