Help Moving to & Settling in Mexico

Companies providing support to expats moving to Mexico, including home and school searches and immigration assistance.  Furniture rentals, integration assistance and other services. Read about Renting Accommodation or Buying Property in Mexico. See also, Relocation Services

Mestre Relocation
Services to help moving to and from Mexico. All stage process (arrival, during the assignment and end of assignment). Immigration, tax registration, school assistance and more services available. Homero 1425-205, Col. Polanco, 11560 Mexico DF.
Conquiz VIP
Expat concierge, personal assistant and family support services. Accommodation, education and health search, travel, cross cultural training, domestic staff hire, partner assistance, immigration support and more. Service available 5 or 7 days a week, 09:0...
B Welcome
Legal advice and assistance for the foreign entertainment industry community. Immigration support, review of legal documents, accommodation search services. Lago Alberto 320 Office 8, Col. Parques Polanco, 11320 Mexico DF.
Alpha School Assistance
Education consultancy offering new families in Mexico a streamlined school selection service, and families already living in Mexico an appraisal service to ensure the schools their children attend are the most appropriate ones for their needs.
Different styles of furniture for rent (office and home). Electrical appliances available. Tlaloc 24, Col. Tlaxpana, 11370 Mexico DF.
Staff Relocation Services
Global relocation service. Assistance during familiarization visit, school search assistance, home finding, furniture rental, visa and immigration services. Other support available. Tlacoquemecatl 21-401, Col. Tlacoquemecatl, 03200 Mexico DF.
iHaus Properties
Short and mid-term accommodation services for national and international visitors. Whether they are ex-pats in the process of relocation, travelling for business, or a tourist. Properties situated in Polanco in Mexico City.
Immigration services. Mexican visas and visas for other countries. Applications, renewals, repatriation, document legalization. Belisario Dominguez 64 1st floor, at the corner of Insurgentes Sur, Col. Miguel Hidalgo, 14260 Mexico DF.
Expat Point Relocation Services
Relocation management company and destination service provider and facilitator offering customized global mobility solutions based on our solid network of contacts and strategic alliances to ease all stages of the Mexican expatriation experience.
Chaim Sanchez
Computer equipment available for rent. Furniture for homes and offices. Individual items or complete packages. Calle 5 No. 16, Col. Isidro Fabela, 14030 Mexico DF.
Relocation service. Settling-in, home finding, school search, departure services, tenancy management. Email via website. Juan Salvador Agraz 50 Suite 601 A, Col. Santa Fe, 05348 Mexico CDMX.
Yunntech Relocation Services
Support for expats and their families to integrate into their new professional and social life in Mexico. 5 programs available covering preparation, welcome, installation, adaptation, departure. Baja California 245-11, Col. Hipodromo, 06170 CDMX.
Easy Visa / Visas Mundo
Immigration services. Mexican visas and visas for other countries. Applications, advice, renewals, repatriation, document legalization. Refineria de Tula 68, Col. Petrolera Tasquena, 04410 Mexico DF.
Furniture rental for homes. Indianapolis 4 office 102, Col. Napoles, 03810 Mexico DF.
Furniture rental with the option to purchase. Offers dining room, kitchen and bedroom sets. Delivery service is available. Interlomas Avenue 5, Col. Centro Urbano San Fernando, La Herradura, 52786 Estado de Mexico.
Larm Mexico
International relocation service: welcome and departure services, immigration support, home-finding program, cross-cultural training. Homero 1425-1203, Col. Polanco, 11540 Mexico DF.
Cetra Relocations
Residential and corporate relocation services. Home and school search, visa and immigration services. Indianapolis 4 No. 102, Col. Napoles, 03810 Mexico DF.
International Relocation Services
30 years experience in Mexico providing general relocation support, home search, locating international schools, inter-cultural training and other services to ensure your arrival in Mexico is as smooth as possible.
Meetpoint Ex-Pat Services
Services for expats moving to, living in and leaving Mexico; home finding, Spanish classes, days out. Also at Homero 1425, Desp. 105 Col. Polanco, 11540 Mexico DF.