International Secondary & High Schools

Schools offering high school and preparatory-level English or bilingual education following American, British, Canadian and other curricula to prepare students for admission to international and national universities and colleges. IB programs are offered. Learn more about the Mexico education system. See also, Tutors, Learning Support & Career Counseling.

Escuela Sierra Nevada (Interlomas)
Bilingual education from kindergarten to preparatory college. Students work towards the Global Assessment Certificate and receive a certificate from the Colegio de Bachilleres. Camino a Cuajimalpa-Palo Solo No. 1, Huixquilucan, 52763 Estado de Mexico.
Escuela Alexander Bain
Bilingual preschool to high school. IB curriculum. Barranca de Pilares 4, Col. Tlacopac, 01049 Mexico DF.
Modern American School
Mixed, secular and bilingual institution with preschool, elementary, primary, secondary and high school programs. Cerro del Hombre 18, Col. Romero de Terreros, 04310 Mexico DF.
Tec de Monterrey - Mexico City Campus
High school and preparatory school. Av. Carlos Lazo 100, Santa Fe, Alvaro Obregon, 01389 Mexico DF.
The Edron Academy
The Edron IB is a comprehensive 2 year curriculum for highly motivated secondary school students. It prepares them for future university studies and allows them access to leading Mexican and overseas universities. COBIS Accredited Member.
Colegio Suizo de Mexico
Trilingual (Spanish, German and English) middle and high school following the Mexican Authority (SEP) curriculum with IB available in high school. Nicolas San Juan 917, Col. Del Valle, 03100 Mexico DF.
Winpenny School
Bilingual preschool, primary and secondary school following a pre-IB curriculum. Almost full immersion English speaking program with native-speaking teachers. Calle Jose Maria Castorena 318, Col. Cuajimalpa de Morelos, 05000, Mexico CDMX.
Colegio Merici
Secular bilingual school from preschool to high school, following both the Mexican Authority (SEP) and the IB curricula. Granjas 45, Col. Palo Alto, 05110 Mexico DF.
The American School Foundation
International university preparatory school offering co-educational English language education from kindergarten through high school. US system, with IB and AP optional programs. Calle Bondojito 215, Col. Las Americas, 01120 CDMX.
Greengates School
British school in north Mexico City. Tuition in English with Spanish as the second language. Kindergarten through to IB. Curriculum recognized by the Mexican authorities. Av. Circunvaliacion Poniente 102, Balcones de San Mateo, 53200 Estado de Mexico.
Churchill College - a Member of the Anglo Mexican Foundation...
The College provides an international education with a curriculum taught in English that combines the national system with the international programs of Cambridge University (IGCSE) and the IB Diploma which is taught during Years 2 and 3.
Peterson School (Cuajimalpa)
*English Montessori Preschool, Pre-First, Primary, Middle School and High School. We are a globalized school that incorporates an English and Spanish co-curriculum for complete immersion, SAIS and AdvanceED accredited, as well as being the....
Lycee Franco Mexicain
French lycee in Polanco, with second site in Coyoacan. Teaching in French from kindergarten, through primary and secondary, to BTS and Bac 3. Accredited in both France and Mexico. Homero 1521, Col. Polanco, 11560 Mexico DF.
Colegio Lafontaine
Bilingual school using the AMCO method. Kindergarten to junior high school. Lafontaine 138, Col. Polanco, 11550 CDMX.
Bilingual kinder and primary school in Lomas. Teaching 90% in English, 10% in Spanish. ICT based curriculum; project-based and personalized teaching approach. Focus on extracurricular activities (sport, culture). Secondary school opened in August 2016.
Escuela Inglesa Kent
Bilingual and bicultural curriculum (Spanish and English). Kindergarten, primary and secondary school. Rio Duero 54, Col. Cuauhtemoc, 06500 Mexico DF.