Painters & Decorators

Andre Sierra
Interior and exterior painting services for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Fine detail and high-quality paint work available. Also builds wooden decks, terraces and pergolas.
Pablos Painting Mexico
Residential and commercial painting services including exterior washing, drywalls, flooring/tiling, stairs and terraces, waterproofing, wood finishes and restoration and interior and exterior painting services.
American painter offering a variety of services including roofing and interior and exterior wall painting. Available on call.
Home Repair Experts
Masonry, painting, electrical, carpentry and kitchens. Installation of power saving, security surveillance and alarms, perimeter security and communications systems. Service to central city areas in English, Italian and French.
Dutch painter, carpenter, plumber and electrician. Available on call and servicing the central metropolitan area.
Aron Mulder - builder/plumber/
Dutch electrician, plumber, drywall craftsman, painter and contractor. All jobs in DF accepted. Av. Ricarte 468, Col. Lindavista, 07730 Mexico DF.
Centro Decorativo Integral
Family-run interior design and decorating business. Laminate floors, carpets, blinds, painting and full refurbishment service. Blinds and curtains made to measure in 24 hours. Exhibition center in Rio Mississippi 31, Col. Cuauhtemoc, 06500 Mexico DF.