Preschools, Kindergarten & Nursery

Bilingual and bicultural kindergarten programs following UK, US and Montessori curricula.  Preschools and infant development centers for children from two months to six year of age.  Read about Pre-School & Primary education in Mexico and Activities for Toddlers

Greengates School
British school in north Mexico City. Tuition in English with Spanish as the second language. Kindergarten through to IB. Curriculum recognized by the Mexican authorities. Av. Circunvaliacion Poniente 102, Balcones de San Mateo, 53200 Estado de Mexico.
Leonardo da Vinci School
Kindergarten and primary school. Bilingual teaching, after-school activities organized to cater to working parents. Half-day available. Cerro Acasulco 46, Col. Oxtopulco Universidad, 04318 Mexico DF.
Baby Bee (San Angel)
Kindergarten and nursery, children from two months to six years. Certified by the Mexican Authority (SEP). Lerdo de Tejeda 79, Col. Guadalupe Inn, 01020 Mexico DF.
Escuela Sierra Nevada (Esmeralda)
Kindergarten and primary school, with a mix of foreign and Mexican children. Bilingual and bicultural education focusing on developing critical thinking in a challenging but caring environment. Middle and high school available at different locations.
Bilingual kinder and primary school in Lomas. Teaching 90% in English, 10% in Spanish. ICT based curriculum; project-based and personalized teaching approach. Focus on extracurricular activities (sport, culture). Secondary school opened in August 2016.
Westhill Institute
Westhill is an international American school offering a global education through bilingual and International Baccalaureate programs in an inclusive, multicultural environment from pre-school to high school across three campuses in Lomas and Santa Fe.
Escuela Sierra Nevada (Lomas Preescolar)
Nursery and kindergarten. Bilingual education. Elementary and middle school available in a different location. Paseo de la Reforma 715, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, 11000 Mexico DF.
Peterson School (Paseo)
*English Montessori Preschool and Pre-First. We are the oldest English Montessori in Mexico City, which incorporates at this stage an English-only curriculum for complete immersion. With more than 54 years of experience, we integrate a child-cen...
Maple Bear Canadian School (Santa Fe)
SEP accredited bilingual Canadian school offering programs at the preschool, kindergarten and primary levels. Sante Fe kinder: Cerrada Tejocote 21, Col. Contadero, 05500 CDMX.
Colegio Junipero AC
Catholic bilingual kindergarten and elementary school. Elementary school follows two programs - the official curriculums of the Mexican Authority (SEP) and the US Ministry of Education. Bondojito 238, Col. Las Americas, 01120 Mexico DF.
Teachers Latin America
Educational recruitment agency for international and bilingual schools in Latin America; personalized service to member schools and teachers looking for opportunities in the international teaching market.
Peterson School (Cuajimalpa)
English Montessori preschool, pre-first, primary, middle school and high school.
Cadi Kids
Preschool infant development center for children from 1-6 years. Classes and activities in both English and Spanish; maximum of ten children per class. Normal day 09:00-13:00; extended day 08:00-18:00. Aristoteles 98, Col. Polanco, 11560 Mexico DF.
Yaxcheel Montessori
Montessori system preschool in Lomas de Chapultepec for kids from one to six years old. French, English and Spanish classes; focus on cultural awareness. Full time and part time (3 or 4 days a week) attendance possible. Variety of after school classes.
Pupa House
Preschool for children from 1 year and 8 months to 6 years old. Each classroom has a British and Mexican teacher with small teacher child ratio. Based in Lomas del Chamizal.
The Churchill School - a member of the Anglo Mexican Foundat...
English school offering personalized instruction with smaller class sizes. Particular focus on the use of technology in the classroom. Preschool through secondary IB. Felipe Villanueva 36, Col. Guadalupe Inn, 01020 Mexico DF.
Colegio Vista Hermosa
Catholic school from preschool to high school (bilingual from elementary). Mexican and IB curricula followed. Loma Vista Hermosa 221, Col. Lomas de Vista Hermosa, 05100 Mexico DF.
Monarch Therapy School
Bilingual (English/Spanish) therapeutic special needs preschool and primary school for children with neurological differences eg. Autism, ADD, seizure disorders. Adolescents with severe learning difficulties also supported. Antonio Ancona 19, Cuajimalpa d...
Escuela Dos Naciones Unidas
Bilingual kindergarten and elementary school. Pre-First year of elementary school fully in English. School lunch service and after-school activities are available. Patricio Sanz 1304, Col. Del Valle, 03100 CDMX.
Peterson School (Lomas)
*English Montessori Preschool and Pre-First. We are the oldest English Montessori in Mexico City, which incorporates at this stage an English-only curriculum for complete immersion. With more than 54 years of experience, we integrate a child-cen...
British American School
Bilingual from kindergarten to high school following American curriculum throughout and British curriculum from middle school. Fuente del Nino 16, Col. Lomas de Tecamachalco, Naucalpan, 53950 Estado de Mexico.
The Montessori American School
Kindergarten and baby group. Montessori method. Kids with special needs are accepted. Av. Paseo de la Reforma 1210, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, 11000 Mexico DF.
Kinder Tres Picos
Preschool program with some classes in English. Tres Picos 71, Col. Polanco, 11580 Mexico DF.
Bambini Montessori
Small Montessori method pre-school. Many bilingual staff members. For children from 1/10-6. Teaching includes English, ICT, art, cooking, writing, movement and environment. Fuente de Mercurio 41, Col. Lomas de Tecamachalco, 53950 Estado de Mexico.
The Edron Academy
British COBIS Accredited Member School offering an education framework that follows UK guidelines. Children join the EY program from 18 months old. Toddlers benefit from a low child-adult ratio, with professional, well trained and experienced staff.
Escuela Lomas Altas
International school for nursery, preschool and primary-age children with an emphasis on bilingual education. Preschool teaching is in English. Montanas Calizas 305 Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, 11000 Mexico DF.
Maple Bear Canadian School (Lomas Verdes)
SEP accredited bilingual Canadian school offering programs at the preschool, kindergarten and primary levels. Lomas Verdes campus: Mision de Santiago 6, Colonia Las Misiones, Naucalpan, 53240 Estado de Mexico.
Winpenny School
Bilingual preschool, primary and secondary school following a pre-IB curriculum. Almost full immersion English speaking program with native-speaking teachers. Calle Jose Maria Castorena 318, Col. Cuajimalpa de Morelos, 05000, Mexico CDMX
Peterson School (Pedregal)
SEP certified, project based learning institution, which aims to offer a personalized and value-oriented education.
Eton School
Early years campus of co-educational bilingual (English/Spanish) private school. Toddler center at Alpes 1140, Preschool campus at Alpes 605, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, 11000 Mexico DF.
Colegio Christa McAuliffe (Kinder)
Bilingual kindergarten program, with half-day of English instruction, following the Montessori model. Hacienda de Santa Ana y Lobos 15, Col. Bosques de Echegaray, 53310 Naucalpan de Juarez, Estado de Mexico.
The American School Foundation
The American School Foundation is a non-profit bilingual K-12 IB-accredited school offering the best of American university-preparatory education using the latest teaching methods, up-to-date facilities and highly qualified international teaching staff. C...
Instituto La Paz
Bilingual school teaching International Baccalaureate. Preschool to secondary school. Plan de San Luis 445, Col. Nueva Santa Maria, 02800 Mexico DF.
Baby Bee (Polanco)
Preschool and early-years education for kids from two months to six years. Certified by the Mexican Authority (SEP). Campos Eliseos 131, Col. Polanco, 11560 Mexico DF.
Liceo In Lak'ech
Infant, nursery, prekinder and prefirst programs with "In Lak'ech" methodology focusing on care, emotions management and academic skills.  Kindergarden and primary school programs in Spanish with instruction in English.  Prol. Heroes del 47...
Kinder Lighthouse
Bilingual preschool for children from 8 months to six years. Offers extended hours and up to four meals daily. Flexible packages for hours and meals. Two locations in Polanco for different age groups.
Escuela Montessori de la Ciudad de Mexico
Pre-school and primary levels taught according to Montessori principles. SEP-registered. 2 hours of daily instruction in English for all primary students. Sierra Fria 355, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, 11000 Mexico DF.
Colegio Eugenio de Mazenod
Catholic bilingual school from preschool to senior high school. Technology-based education, the only Apple Distinguished School in the city. Tamaulipas 240, Col. Prados de la Montana, 05600 Mexico DF.